Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh Man Do I Hafta?

It seems like in my life, I take one step forward (last week on my diet etc) and then I take two steps BACKWARDS the next. This is one of those Bass Ackwards weeks. As good as I was last week, this week has been horrible. I've been eating everything that doesn't eat me first. And not the healthy stuff either. I'm stress eating, I know. What were my theme words again, oh yeah, "self restraint"? It seems like a dim memory - something I invented back in January that seems laughable this particular week.

I'm so tired. Tonight I came home at 5:30 after work, was so exhausted I could barely make it home through the long commute. Went to bed and fell sound asleep until 8:30 pm. Now I'm up and I wide awake and feel restless, miserable and grumpy. I think I'll stay up a while, maybe take a long hot bubble bath, and then maybe knit on my Ocean Waves Not a Poncho and drink some of that hot tea we were discussing earlier?

I don't know why the time at the bottom of this entry says 6:49 when it's really 8:39 in the evening, but oh well! My clock must be off like everything else that isn't working in my life. In the case of this clock, I'm not going to fix it because Daylight savings time starts this weekend and it will be thrown off even more.

I'm also starting another pair of socks. I miss socks. Haven't had a pair on the needles in a couple of months. I'm going to start a spring pair - using the Lorna's Shephard sock yarn in a lovely color called "Gold Hill" that is a mixture of muted pink, green and gold.

Sanity Saver - this probably doesn't count, because it's not a product, but it's a method of casting on for toe-up socks that I've found invaluable!!! It's called the Turkish Cast On, and is best described by Deb at "Fluffy Knitter." You can read about it here. I use this sock pattern by Chery. It's a toe-up pattern that works for any gauge of yarn, any foot size. You just knit a test gauge swatch and then use those numbers to plug into the pattern for a really well-fitting sock that is easy to make and fun to wear.

I wish you all a much better week than I've had so far - perhaps it will get better? If not, the weekend can't be far off, right? That is the true sanity saver. I live for the weekends, and they go all too fast. Sad state of affairs, but true. Now enough whining. I'm into the tub for a long soak.


Jeanne said...

Hope you week gets better!

Restless Knitter said...

I hate weeks like that. I hope yours gets much better.

Laura said...

I totally understand about the diet thing. Yesterday, I went nuts over cereal. I had two servings of Grape Nuts for breakfast, and then three servings of some organic cereal for lunch. Not only that, but we had Hyvee Chinese food the night before, always good for adding at least 5 lbs of water weight the next day.

With the weather so much nicer, it's a good chance to run out and do something fun. Fry and I walk around the neighborhood every evening, she and her dad play tennis as they can. She and I also play basketball, hopscotch, dance (very silly), and play catch. It's tough to get motivated, but once we start, it's lots of fun.

Gold Hill is GORGEOUS! I've been feeling the pull of socks, too, and in a toe up pattern.

Elysbeth said...

Oh honey, hugs....

Jeanie said...

I LOVE the Turkish cast on! It's the only way I do socks now!

Hang in there -- your week will get better, I'm sure!

ChelleC said...

Thanks everyone for the cheering and warm thoughts.

Last night, I went ahead and started the Gold Hill Lorna's Shephard socks from the Toe Up (Turkish cast on). This is the third pair of socks I've made this way and now I don't wanna do it any other way! Like Jeanie said, it's so easy.

That Gold Hill is really lovely yarn. The colors remind me of a warm spring day.