Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hate to Tempt Fate . . . . But . . . .

Everything is actually pretty terrific right now.  Wow, it's been a long time since I was able to say that. Sure, I still have everyday problems like everyone else, but overall, compared to how I've been in the past, things are pretty darned good.

For starters, I LOVE my new job.  Been there two months now and it is really fun, exciting, uses my talents, makes me eager to get up and go in everyday and hard to leave at the end of the day . . . . not just because I have a lot to do, but because I love doing it.  Yay!!!  

And I never would have guessed that being a recruiter was so rewarding.  Though I haven't made any placements yet, I believe I'm very close to making a couple of placements.  And yesterday I got my first "thank you" note from a lady who I couldn't place directly myself, because we didn't have any active jobs in her field, but I helped her redo her resume, write a great eye-catching cover letter, and practice interviewing techniques.  She landed a job two weeks after my coaching session with her.  She's thrilled and it really warms my heart.  She'd been unemployed for several months.  To see someone go from feeling frustrated to being excited about her new position makes me feel like I'm doing something meaningful, not just earning a living but more important, to help someone else's life be better in the process.  

The people I work with are really fantastic.  I've worked in so many offices, but never in one where we are such a team, pulling together.  Last week, we all went to a networking and lunch and learn event.  The speakers were from Mind in Motion.  There were two speakers from there who were terrific in talking about how to deal with stress and burn out.  How to avoid feeling overwhelmed when you are stressed.  They talked about the importance of maintaining balanced blood sugar.  They said that sugar is nealy as addictive as cocaine and causes drastic spikes and later plunges in your blood sugar that leaves you feeling cranky and irritable. 

They pointed out that just because you may have stressors in your life does not mean you have to be stressed. 

They talked about the importance of finishing things that are started and important to you.  When you run from one project to another and leave eveything undone as we typically do when we try to "multi-task" we end up leaving mental loops open that cause our brains to spin like a computer that can't finish a task when too many windows are left open on your desktop or laptop computer.  So the way to be more efficent and cause yourself less stress is to FINISH the important tasks before moving on to another.  Or at least go back to the important things you've left undone and not leave them out there hanging because it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unfocused.  

The speaker said that when you intend to get something done but don't write it down, you are only 10% likely to do it.  If you write it down and set a deadline, you are 40% likely to do it.  And if you set out a plan of when and how to do it, you are 50% likely to do it.  If you commit to doing it with yourself, you are 65% likely to finish it.  And if you set a specific appointment and make yourself accountable for doing it with someone else as a partner, you are 95% likely to do it.  

So this weekend, I committed to getting my car tags renewed, getting the inspection, and getting it all wrapped up. I did it!  But now I found out I need a car repair . .. oops . . . oh well, at least I found out before my car broke down on the highway, right?

So on the topic of "to do" lists and the importance of having such a task list, I have both a weekly list (broken down by areas of my life such as work, personal, fitness and health, and crafts and hobbies) and then I have a daily task list with only about 5-8 things on it so that the projects and tasks are doable in one day. That helps me feel accomplished as I check them off.  Feeling you are getitng somewhere and making headway, and not leaving things hanging is a major part of feeling more satisfied and less frazzled.

Another thing I am really starting to stick with is regular 20 minute  day pray and meditation.  That 20 minutes in the morning, with the sound of Gregorian chants in the air and the aroma of my eucalyptus, thyme, mint & lime candle burning each morning sets a quiet, reflective tone to my day that gives me a feeling of peace as I face a new day. 

So what are you going to do today to make yourself more peacful and less stressed? 

Lastly, I am including a photo of my dear friend Luann and I, lunching together a couple of years ago.  She's been there some very painful back surgery last week and is having a rough recovery.  My prayers and thoughts of healing go out to her.  God bless you Luann, I see you as healthy and we'll be spinning together again real soon.