Friday, December 12, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

It's December again - and instead of "Merry Merry Christmas/Hannukah" I find myself groaning each morning as I wake up counting down the days until it is all over and I can breathe again.

Not only is there Hannukah and Christmas (we sort of half-heartedly celebrate both), but there's also my daughter and husband's birthdays as well as my grandmother's and 6 friend's birthdays.

And I've been working overtime at work to the point where I feel even more rushed and stressed. In short, for me this is NOT the most wonderful time of the year. (Yes, I'm extremely thankful to HAVE a job, and the overtime money is much appreciated, but right now, the time crunch is overshadowing everything else).

When I am time-pressed the most, that's when I realize how very much I rely on knitting and spinning to release the tension and provide relaxation. When I don't have time to even finish knitting a pair of boot toppers (my current project sitting by the wayside), then I get very frustrated and cranky. Instant gratification projects shouldn't stretch out over two weeks, should they? And when my brain is too fried to even knit simple ribbing, it's a signal something's gotta give.

I think this is an especially dismal and stressful season in 2008 in particular, with all the financial worries in the country and the world. No one can be completely sure that they'll even have a job in January.

Sorry to gripe - but the blogging helps me sort of unload and express it. In spite of the stress, I know that I and all of you too, will get through this okay. We'll have time to spend with friends and love ones and maybe instead of feeling out of control and helpless for all we can't BUY, perhaps we can share what has become increasingly precious - a little bit of time and companionship.

I feel most sorry for those single mothers and fathers out there, many of whom I work with, who feel special pressure to produce, at the very least, a decent Christmas for their kids, with very little money to do it.

Here's hoping things get better soon. And 2008 is almost over. Can I hear a "yippee" from the peanut gallery?


Kim S. said...

I'll give you a "yippee" -- I can't wait for the holidays to be over. I feel much like you, overwhelmed and frustrated. I'll be glad to see 2008 in the rear view mirror, and have great hopes for 2009!

I haven't put up a single holiday decoration in our house, and it's looking like I may not get to it. Just not feeling the holiday spirit this year AT ALL.

Ok, thanks for letting me vent in your comments - LOL. Back to pulling the covers over my head and waiting for it to be over....

woolanthropy said...

I am feeling the stress and a weird state of time suspension. I know time is ticking down and I have loads to make and do. But I seem to be swimming through jello. I don't feel productive, things aren't being checked off the list. Time is tight, money is tighter, and everyone is worried about now and the future.

But my tree is up and Christmas music is playing and I am looking forward to spending time with my family. I am trying to stay in the moment and be grateful for the abundance of love in my life.

Elysbeth said...

I told TAO the other day that if I didn't get some knitting in me, I was going to have a stress induced stroke. We opted out of alot of the "festivities" and opted instead for a quiet time to think on the good.

Hope you feel better soon.

Carol said...

I am right there with you. I will am doing Christmas today with my family so mine will be over. I will be able to relax in my own home Christmas day for the first time in my life so I am looking forward to that.

The rest of my weekend has been interesting but that is for an offline discussion at a later time.