Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little is a Lot

Sometimes (times like NOW) I feel like I don't accomplish much. My progress in my job, in my relationships, in my knitting, in my fitness goals certainly in some of my financial goals . . . every accomplishment seems small and takes forever and seems LESS somehow than what I had hoped.

This is one of those weeks - a big disappointment in Bob's job search. A job he really wanted, and didn't get. Looking for a job is frankly the HARDEST job anyone can ever do if they're doing it right. Ughh. I know there's a reason, and who knows, maybe something even better around the next corner, but it's still disappointing.

But I am trying to focus on every little thing that I do that contributes toward our ultimate goals. Every time (like today over lunch) when it's too cold to exercise outside, but my coworker and I go for a brisk walk at the mall instead of chowing down at a fast food restaurant. Every time I let my daughter take on responsibility instead of doing it for her. Every time I back down from an argument and work toward compromise instead. Each time I knit 3 really good rows on a cardigan sleeve, even though I had to rip out 20 rows before it that were awry.

These are all LITTLE things. But once a few years ago, I listened to an inspiring motivational tape where the speaker kept reminding us, "A little is a LOT." Doing a little - just a little - more than one would normally do toward the GOOD creates an impetus that often is just what was needed to create a breakthrough. A little is a lot.

So the little bit I've done and keep doing in so many realms of my life really ARE having a big effect.

What little thing are you doing that you want to do more of? What little thing are you most proud of today?

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ChelleC said...

Dorothy has left a new comment on your post "A Little Is a Lot":

It does get discouraging sometimes doesn't it? I've been trying to improve my diet and eat healthier and sometimes it's two steps forward and one step back. One thing I am proud of is my spinning. I've been really working hard and I think I'm almost to the point of spinning something that will actually be knitable!

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