Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bracing For the Next Wave of Winter

Okay, last time I wrote about what a fun little snow overnight that I had with my buddy from work. And I know some parts of the country have it far worse - winter has been a real bear this year for folks nearly everywhere.

But honest to Pete, it's getting pretty wearing already. January is really locking us in very cold temps and threats of major "snow events" not to mention ice. Which is worse? Not sure. Snow is pretty and sparkly the first few times and then it gets annoying. Still I'd ten times prefer winter over summer. We had ONE warm springlike day (yesterday) where it got up in the 50's - that was a mere tease, because winter is returning with revenge.

The thing that most annoys me about winter is that everytime I plan to go someplace, my plans are subject to derailment. Like last weekend when I was going to an Artyarn workshop in Harveyville, KS, I ended up coming home early. Scardy cat of being stuck in the middle of Kansas with an ice threat. (Plus I missed sleeping in my warm bed - as you get older and more set in your ways, you miss your own house more than you might imagine).

Anyhow, I attended one day of Jacey Boggs' artyarn class and then came home Saturday night - so I missed the whole second day of class. The day attended was great - well the instruction was at least. I had a bit of technical difficulty, when the little piece that acts as the delta orifice flipped off Rhoda the Roadbug (my spinning wheel) and I didn't have any superglue to reattach it. That's all it would have taken - a few drops of superglue. So note to self: add superglue to my spinning supplies.

At least I had a chance to experience Nikol's delicious cooking. Someday that girl is going to come out with a Yarn School cookbook, and when she does, by gosh, I'm going to get it. Nikol is the owner of the school and host to those of us who visit.

Here's my friend Christine, who was kind enough to drive us to Harveyville.

I learned a lot about art yarn - which is now more appropriately called "textured yarn" - Jacey's term and I like it better than "art yarn" because textured yarn is really what it is. It's all art yarn right, we're all fiber artists making art? But some of us try our hand at making big, funky, yarn with texture. I don't honestly know how much I'll be spinning this type of yarn in the future, because I tend to more traditional yarn. But then again, it really does help make you a better spinner overall to learn new techniques. Plus, I love corespinning.

I see much, much corespinning in my fiber future.

So now as we face this next week - with a long three days of extended "snow and ice events" leading into my work week, I wish you all a nice fire to curl in front of with your spinning wheel, favorite novel, or kntting/crochet project. Enjoy and try not to get too stressed about all the activities you are missing. This will just help us appreciate spring all the more when it DOES come, right?


Kim in Michigan said...

Chelle, you're SO right about 2 things. First, winter is already a drag this year. I was just telling my husband that this is the hardest part of the winter. We know spring is in our future, but we still have to get through a couple more months of serious winter before we get a whiff of that fresh spring air.

And second: "...I missed sleeping in my warm bed - as you get older and more set in your ways, you miss your own house more than you might imagine." I feel that way too. I love to travel, but I always feel very happy to come home to my own house and my normal routine.

Enjoy your spinning!

Christine said...

ok, for this storm, I was I WAS snowed in at Harveyville! HA! Not really, kids, husband, work, life all need me here. It was a nice little retreat while we had it.

Drive careful and work from home if you're able tomorrow! I'm thinking of asking the boss if I can leave early today as 4 wheel drive doesn't help on ice! UGH.

fleegle said...

I am envious that you got to Jaycey's class. I really want to learn how to make weird yarn :)

Thanks so much for all your compliments! I shall continue, thanks to all the lovely feedback.

Sigh. Weather Events. I hate ice.