Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is Anyone Still Here?

Wow, I've been so immersed in tons of changes, chaos, and reaching for new things, that I kinda forgot to blog. Not sure if anyone is still listening sometimes, but I think I still have at least a FEW readers out there. I know, you guys are busy too, right? But I never want to totally let go of blogging because so much more can be covered in a few blog paragraphs than can be said in any other medium since I'm not a Facebook kind of person.

First off, in the "life" realm, I really can't jinx it because I believe it's bad luck to report on something until it happens, but let's just say there has been a job search going on, as well as pretty active interviewing. I'm hoping like crazy that one particular opportunity materializes, but it's still up in the air. But it's a "happy" exilerating kind of air ride - hopefully I won't be plummeted to the ground in disappointment. This is a scary time for me to make a career move - but I've been feeling innner prompting that FEELS more like divine direction than simple job restlessness, so I'm listening to that inner angel - in fact stumbling upon this sign while at a thrift store made me assured, in a weird way, that I'm right to make a change now. Call me romantic or illogical, but I really believe in "signs." This one is a literal one that seemed to speak directly to me.

On the crafts front, I've been really making use of my free time lately to get some things finished. First off, I finally found the right button for that laptop cover I've been weaving and I finished sewing it up last week. I really LOVE this project. Absolutely LOVE it. The bright, crazy colors really make me happy.

Then I also made a quick project of crocheting and felting an Alpaca roving rug for Bob. I thought this would be PERFECT for that spot right under his desk where he sits barefoot working on the computer. This felted rug is as soft as can be.

Last on the weight loss/fitness front: I have been really making progress - yes!!! Keeping a strict calorie count journal and following the 1200 calories a day guideline my doctor gave me is working out so well. I'm down 9 pounds (nearly 10) in 6 weeks. Thrilling. I'm starting to go down a size in clothes, too, which is always gratifying. I'm continuing to exercise as much as possible, within the constraints of my shoulder injury and even that too is showing signs of improvement.

So have a good week everyone, let's hope the wind is pushing my balloon in the right direction into bluer skies. Sure hope that's the case - and I'm holding all of you in my good thoughts and wishes too. May your ride be smooth(er) for a while. So many of us need a rest, don't we?


Tiddy and Charlie. said...

Still here! Hope all goes well with the job :o) Some nice craft work pics.

Anonymous said...

I'm still here too, although I'm far behind on my blog reading. Love that laptop cover. Isn't it amazing how color has such power to affect our moods? I'm knitting a cheerful pinkish-red sweater now and it makes me happy every time I pick it up.

Fingers crossed for the job....


ChelleC said...

Thans for the well wishes and compliments on my laptop cover.

Yes, color has a remarkable affect on our moods - I think since I'm kinda on the verge of major changes - I am craving the bright reds, the oranges, seeking out energy and enthusiasm to get me through the major changes which I sense lie ahead.

Kim, I LOVE your new nature blog. Great photography.

Haven't heard about the job yet. Hopefully soon. I can be impatient ya know.

Anonymous said...

Chelle ~~ Holding you in my heart that your new job becomes a reality for you! Change is good ~~ and your weaving of the laptop cover and the felted rug for your husband show that your artistic spirit is soaring with the work of your hands and heart.
Go for it!!!