Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jefferson City Fiber Fair - Catch Up Post

Oh gosh, each year it comes . . . and each year it goes . . . and each year I come back with my head brimming full of ideas, new favorite patterns, new friends and renewed acquaintances. The Jefferson City Fiber Fair didn't disappoint.

My friend Luann and I went together and met our friend Sue there. It seems to get better and better each time we attend. This year, our classes were: Rigid Heddle with Jenny Senott (spelling?) and we have a Spinning Shetland class with the acclaimed Carol Rhoades from Spin Off Magazine. Both were absolutely wonderful classes. We learned SO much.

One thing it always does, too, unfortunately, is expose me to spinning wheels and equipment that I WISH I had, and the latest is the Schacht Matchless. Ahh . . . . that wheel is my "to die for" wheel. And before I even left the retreat this year, I already was mentally cataloging which of my equipment I could sell on Ravelry to get a Matchless. Especially when I heard that they were soon raising their prices . . . and changing some aspects of the wheel. Hmmmm. More later on that!

This year, in addition to seeing my friends, I always want to wear a newly minted spun or knit item - and this year was no different. I finished JUST IN TIME, the Garter Stitch Cardigan. This is a 3 ply sweater that I first spun then knit, and for once, I got the gauge/sizing right! I purposely made it loose enough to cover my bust and large stomach and hips. This turned out really well. It was heavy, more like a coat than a sweater, but that is what I was trying to create. Also, like past years, I finished this project just in time for Spring to arrive and so this new addition to my wardrobe will have to go in the closet until next Fall, but there's a real feeling of satisfaction knowing I created this garment myself and much to look forward to for future wearing.

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Elysbeth said...

Great Cardigan! And congrats on the "declutter" "new wheel"