Saturday, April 07, 2012

Trying Some New Stuff - Three Projects Started

Well, after finishing a big project like my Garter Stitch Cardigan, I always feel a bit at "loose ends" especially since that project involved spinning AND knitting together.

It took me a few weeks to get my craft mojo back and to focus enough on what I want to do next. Those "wannas" turn out to be not one but THREE projects.

My trip to Jeff City and my class with Carol Rhoades on Shetland Spinning for Fair Isle Knitting made me want to knit . . . . well, you guessed it, Fair Isle. Particularly the Fair Isle Vest that I've been wanting to knit for several years. But after being inspired by Carol's carding and spinning lessons, I want to dye, card, spin and knit the cardy, so that one may not be an immediate "get it done fast" project.

So what to do with my needles in the meantime? Well, I got that figured out today. Again, I want to knit with handspun and dyed yarn . . . and I've been wanting to make a shawl for my Mom in green, so this weekend, I started gathering up on green yarns I've spun, little bits and bobs of spinning experiments I've done these past couple of years. And I will probably need to dye and spin even more. But I've found the perfect pattern to make - the Spinner's Simple Shawl. I will post more on it later and get some pictures up once I have a chance.

Finally, the third project is one for my 24" Kromski Harp loom. I wanted to warp that thing and make a vest -- maybe even try to make the fabric and then sew it up. Am I getting overzealous? Only time and effort will tell. But I've warped the loom with some beautiful pink Cherry Hill yarn my Mom bought and stashbusted by giving it to me a couple of years ago. It's called "Cherry Blosom." Beautiful multi shades of pink! Yum. I am both warping and wefting with this lovely stuff and hope to come up with something wearable in the end. It would be a real tragedy if I goofed up this project because the yarn is nearly as beautiful as the blossoms it is named after.

Well, it's been a busy relaxing and crafting weekend. Happy Easter everyone! I'll write later about my progress on these new projects.

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