Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tying Up Loose Ends

Okay, for some reason last time, I wasn't able to publish all my trip photos, who here are a couple more from the trip. First, a photo of us in front of the famous Harrah's Casino on the strip. The only thing that makes Vegas affordable for us is that we don't gamble or drink - so it ends up being a pretty fun, inexpensive vacation.

And then, I visited the yarn Shop in Vegas and got this specially dyed Harrah's colorway:

Now speaking of loose ends, here is the shawl I finished for my Mom:

And here are the socks I finished just in time for the upcoming Fall - these are for Emily and they aren't supposed to match. They are "Patchwork" socks made up of several leftover sock yarns.

And my gray roots are showing even more this week - or is it my imagination? Surely hair can't grow that fast.

I've been playing "catch up" all week - trying to unpack and get back up to speed on work and home projects.

Haven't had a chance to do any crafting this week, but have been in a frenzied organizational mode - moving my summer clothes to the spare closet and bringing over my fall wardrobe into the main closet. Also sorted through a lot of old clothes this weekend and will be bringing a big donation bag to the charity shop. Have a great week!


Christine said...

Pooh love those socks! Thanks for posting a pic of your fiber too! I was wondering what that colorway looked like! Gorgeous!

Christine said...

Stupid auto correct! I meant ooooh not pooh! Ha!