Sunday, April 01, 2007

Make a Wish

Go ahead . . . dream big. When Bob and Em were on vacation last week, they didn't have many beach days . . . but one day they were out, they happened upon a creative artist who had an inventive way of panhandling. (See photo at left).

So what do I wish? Ah! Sigh. I wish it weren't the end of a nice spring weekend. Aunt Eve was in town visiting and we had such a good time. It ended all too quickly.

Even though she was our houseguest, she can't stay out of the kitchen. She had to get involved in whipping up some delicious meals.

She's been on a "low carb" lifestyle for nearly 4 years now. She looks fantastistic and is so fun to be around. Let's see if she's influenced me to eat better and get more exercise. Hmmm.

It was just a beautiful weekend, with lovely weather. Yesterday was on the windy/chilly side, but today was simply beautiful out. We enjoyed the fantastic weather and had such a good time.

I don't want my good time to end . . . do I really have to go to work tomorrow?

Here is the way my Ocean Waves Not a Poncho currently looks: I am at 50 inches wide now, so I think it's finally time to start adding the arms. Mine is a strange looking triangle, the increases weren't exactly done evenly, but it's okay for a fist-time effort.

Laura was kind enough to make me a little mini-Not A Poncho to help me get a better idea of how this garment will end up going together. I have a mental block on the mechanics of how things fit together. Unless I have a full schematic, it's hard for me to picture it.
I'm also still working on my lace shoulder shawl. I'm up to 131 stitches on it. I'll show you that another time. I'm tired now.
Have a good week everyone. Make a wish . . and remember there's always a creative way to do everything - just put the request out there to the universe and watch your dreams materialize.


Phyllis said...

This is the first photo I've seen of Aunt Eve. Wow! Low carb does really work for her.

Elysbeth said...

I would donate just because the person is creatively doing something about the situation. Thanks for the smile.

And talking about the universe. Remember the old saying - "what goes around comes around"? Any Physics major will remind you - "And it's usually gained momentum and speed." Makes me aware of what I'm sending out.

Jane said...

Chelle, my increases are often deliberately uneven in true free-range spirit so don't fret there and it looks lovely.

Does Aunt Eve make housecalls?