Friday, April 20, 2007

Starting To Think About Stitches

I've had a bad case of Project ADD lately. I have way too many things going right now and it's starting to make me feel as if I am too fragmented. Since I have so little knitting time lately anyway, I'm really NOT getting anything done and not enjoying the things I'm doing, for the most part. Some projects have been a real joy, and the majority lately have been not-so-much. Therefore, I officially give myself permission to refocus.

Although I've really stretched my knitting skills on projects like the Not a Poncho, it is something I can't wear to Stitches and don't enjoy knitting, so I'm temporarily setting it aside. I'll take it up again in the Fall or Winter.

With Stitches coming in just four months . . . yay . . . I want to turn my attention to a more production-oriented but fun and DOABLE effort to make a wearable wardrobe for Stitches. My goal, like Carol's (who is going with me), is to create a wearable garment, accessory or knitted item each and every day of the trip. I will be there Wed, Thurs, Friday, Saturday and leaving early Sunday. So I really will need to have 4 or 5 wearables for the trip.

One project I know I am loving and will be the first on my TO BE FINISHED list is "Forest Canopy Shawl" by Susan Lawrence. I am dearly loving that piece and I'm up to the 165 stitch point on that. I think in order to make it as large as I am wanting, I'll probably have to go to around 249 stitches - and of course it's lace, so even though it is easy lace, I'm starting to have to concentrate when I work on that project so that I don't mess up the stitch pattern. Thank goodness for lifelines! I've knit and reknit that ninth pattern repeat about 7 times. Hopefully if I sit down this weekend with some soft music, maybe I can get farther ahead on it, maybe even finish it? Is that too ambitious?

Already finished to take: my Freeform Vest.

I have spent the past couple of days sorting through my patterns and finding things I just LOVE that I want to make, and hopefully most of the needed yarn is already in my Stash. I'm searching out fairly easy and fast-to-execute summer tops. Projects I'm contemplating are: a denim jacket with freeform sleeves - that way I'd just have to knit the sleeves and it would be pretty fast? A couple of Spring sleeveless/short-sleeve tops. Perhaps Bistro by Oat Couture; also considering the Twisted sleeveless turtleneck by Sally Melville; the darling Crossover Top, a Sally Melville design that I'm holding in the entry below where I'm standing with Sally.

Could I knit 2-3 short sleeve tops or sweaters in four months? It means I'd have to knit about 1 a month. That's faster than I normally knit, but maybe because they are short sleeve they'd go faster? Thoughts anyone?


Laura said...

Mary just emailed me.

Not doing the not-a-poncho until fall, hm? I see how you are, getting me all happy about us being twinkies at Stitches, then nothing.

Now, before you call me, I'm just kidding. ;) To be honest, while the front is done, I've not been 'feeling the love' for the back. When I get my fair isle homework done, I want to wrap up the NAP, no matter what it takes. There's more than three UFO's in my basket and that makes me nervous. Plus, I'm dying to start on my Stitches projects, since I'm doing like you and Carol.

Elysbeth said...

It's certainly doable, especially if you go for lovly comfortable wear instead of count, count, count, Drat. Some of the tanks from yarn girls make nice foils. There is also a MagKnits pattern ballerina tank that is very flattering with wide straps for those of us who Must wear bras to keep the ladies in the correct region. Make certain you have at least one project to warm everything, it was very cold on the sales floor.