Friday, October 05, 2007

One Sleeve Down . . . . One to Go

Here's the sleeve - as of a photo late Wednesday night. Last night I got on a knitting spree and finished it up. I even fitted the sleeve into the vest with pins and tried it on. The sleeve seems to fit.

I really got snapping on this project. I started the sleeve last Saturday afternoon and finished it last night. It was done in just under a week - hard to believe how fast it went. Now I will have the second one to do, trying to duplicate the first. The pressure is on.

I haven't cast on for the second one yet, but I hope to get it started tonight or tomorrow morning. Even though we are still having a last snap of summer - with temps expected to reach the 90's all weekend, I'm hoping that Fall will return soon so that I can actually wear this jacket. I'll probably put a little decoration on the collar too. Not sure what I'll do with that yet.

With having had second sock syndrome in the past, I hope I don't get second SLEEVE syndrome.

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