Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Shawled Out?

After mentioning last week that I've been casting on new stuff - I'm happy to say that I'm ALMOST FINISHED with the first Prayer Shawl Knitalong project called the LaLa Shawl. And just in time, too, because I've knit so many shawls in a row that I'm actually getting tired of shawls. Dare I say it? Yes, bored and tired of knitting shawls. That is a FIRST. But I'm sure if I give myself a shawl reprieve for just a little while, that my love of their kind will return without fail.

So my next cast on may be socks. I've been thinking about the ever-popular Monkey Socks, which I've never made before. Having recently purchased the Cookie A Sock Innovations book, I'm in a Cookie A sock mood, but it seems only logical to first try the Monkey Socks that inspired her popularity in the knitting community. Not sure which yarn I'll use yet, but I'm thinking the lovely Socks that Rock sock yarn that Lynn (Colorjoy) gave me in her contest a few months back. The yarn that I won is the one on the far left, called County Clare. The only thing is, that sock yarn is pretty heavy weight for that pattern, so I may make just plain socks out of the yarn, not sure, but I'm in the mood for the spring greens and cheery turquoise that makes up that County Clare sock yarn.

And I've been hankering to do - BELIEVE IT OR NOT - a spring sweater. Yep, a spring sweater. Even though I'd sworn off sweaters a few months ago, after experiencing a couple of sweater disasters in the gauge department, I've nevertheless decided that I really do want to start one. Not sure which one. My top pick right now is the Cables & Lace Cardigan from the May 2009 issue of Creative Knitting.

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ColorJoy LynnH said...

I'm with you... the County Clare is worsted weight and not good for a sockweight pattern. It's really comfy yarn underfoot, though... you'll enjoy how it feels.

Have you ever tried knitting tank tops? No sleeves to set in, and I have had very good luck knitting them for myself. I've knit 4 sleeveless tops and they all worked out well. I think they are a bit more forgiving.

Pick a washable yarn and toss them in washer/dryer, and actually use them like crazy. Highly recommended. (It goes to reason that you should knit a relatively large swatch in the stitch pattern, and machine wash/dry the swatch. Worth the effort.)

Whatever you choose... happy knitting!