Thursday, May 07, 2009

Remember Wedge Sandals?

All during my teen years, during the '70s, I often wore these really high wedge sandals that I THOUGHT made me look taller. I haven't worn anything like that in decades. Well, guess what? Today, I was feeling young at heart and bought these. Don't ask me why. Pure fun wearing them though.

Also, today I finally finished up the Scrabble Lace Vest that I have been making from the Alpaca Grande Vest pattern that I made a couple of winters ago in heavyweight alpaca. Pictured here, the red vest is the winter version, made from heavy warm Alpaca Grande yarn.

Using the lightweight Feza yarns in Iplik Fiona - it only took 1 1/2 skeins, a bit less than 2 balls, to make this cute and lightweight spring vest. The pattern is amazingly simple. You make a ribbed rectangle, seam it up in two side seams and voila!

This colorway #1456 appears mostly with browns and beige and peach in the photo, but in person, it also has a wide spectrum of other beautiful colors such as Rose and Lavendar. It’s really a pretty yarn that produces a nice garment. The yarn has sections of cream and then it has runs of peach, brown, rose. When knit in this scrabble lace method, it makes splotches of color and texture that is very freeform like in its appearance. I knit this on size 11 needles and that is what gave the scrabble lace effect and all I did was just plain garter ribbing in order to produce it.


Catherine said...

I remember living in wedge platform sandals, and being told by an amused boyfriend, "You are artificially tall." Love the shoes, love the knitting.

Elysbeth said...

Remember Mushrooms? Loved Mushrooms.

Where's the details about the shoes?

Yay for the FO

ChelleC said...

The shoes were CHEAP - $20 at Walmart! Can't beat that.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

I love the wedge shape. I can't wear anything that tall anymore, but I can not help just loving that swoosh under the arch. Lovely!!!