Friday, April 02, 2010

3 Day Relaxation Quest

Okay it's a 3 day weekend for me - yay! I was hoping to sit outside and spin, remember? Well, the beautiful sunny Spring weather we had all week turned to clouds and overcast skies, and later thunderstorms this afternoon.

But early this morning, before the rain hit, I was able to sneak a bit of outdoor relaxation by sitting on my deck and reading Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini. It's an absorbing and really FUNNY read - only about 225 pages. I'm loving the author's dry wit and obsession with finding just the right shade of green for her sweater. What lengths will she go to to find it? The book is about one knitter's attempt to acquire Starmore's famous Tudor Roses book and to knit a Fair Isle sweater in one year. It's rather like a Julie/Julia type concept - but even better if you're an avid knitter.

Though I've never been seriously tempted to knit an entire Fair Isle sweater, this book is making me tempted to try maybe a vest. Isn't that silly? Just what I need, one MORE thing to learn. Let's see, I'm currently busy with my obsessions in spinning, knitting, drum carding, dyeing (well I'm reading about dyeing, not doing it yet on my own), as well as wanting to crochet better . . . and I'm starting to feel the pull of weaving on a rigid heddle loom. Now one thing I DON'T need is to explore one more aspect of fiber arts, right?


So then the Knitter's Daily email popped into my "inbox" on March 31st and started cajoling me into clicking on the Eunny Lang's new DVD on "Introduction to Fair Isle: the Ivy League Vest." Hmmmm. I love vests.

But first let me get back to reading that Sweater Quest book. Maybe I'll satisfy my desire to explore a new diversion by just reading about it instead of doing it.



Dorothy said...

The books sounds great - I will check it out at our local library. I keep telling myself I don't need another single thing to learn to keep me busy. Many in my spinning group are weavers, but I am drawing the line at getting a loom. Remember, you heard it here first.

Elysbeth said...

Okay, before you get all crazy, check your local library's archive - they may have A----Star----'s fair isle tape on VHS; it will cure you of your desire to do it.

On the other hand...avoid the Philosopher Wool video at all Will make you want to do it.

ChelleC said...

E - that is so funny. You are a hoot! And you know, that Philosopher's Wool thing is very tempting, because I met the PW folks in 2003 at the Stitches Midwest conference when I was first knitting. At the time I thought "I'll try that later." Hmmm.

HattieMae said...

I just found your bog as well! It's lovely! So happy to make a new friend in the knitting community. Have a wonderful Easter weekend! Tammie :)

Rebecca said...

LOL! Know how you feel about loving so many crafts and wanting to learn more but just not enough time in the day, right?
In the monthly adventrues group on ravelry, there's a fair isle kal (you pick your own project) to kind of motivate each other along and help each other out if you're interested. Going on all the month of april and probbly into may (we always straggle along so it doesnt matter ;) )
Yeah for long weekends! me too .. phew! :D