Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm Coming Unraveled

This is the second sleeve of my oatmeal sweater. You know, I was nearly finished with this second sleeve but I became very unhappy with the increases on the sleeve, they looked sloppy and uneven with the other one. So I ripped and ripped and finally got so frustrated that I started CUTTING the sleeve, yes cutting with scissors. Now I've ripped way past the mistake - but my yarn is a mess from the cutting and the whole sleeve is probably going to go down and get thrown away out of my own impatience.

I started to just throw this sleeve away but decided to photograph it to remind myself that this sleeve is somehow reflective of my general frustration with my life right now. Bob is still out of work - my frustration and worry and anxiety is mounting. I'm getting a bit panicky with the economy being so bad. The bad feels like it won't lift.

I know things will turn around, but right now, I don't see it.

Maybe I'll do what my Grandma used to tell me when I became overly frustrated - put it down, Chelle, walk away, and come back when you feel better.


Kim in Michigan said...

Oh, so sorry you're still having to worry about the financial situation, Chelle. Wish there was something I could say to make you feel better. I guess when there are frustrating things you can't control, sometimes it helps to cut things up with scissors. Or declutterize your house. Or go to a yoga class. Just know that I'm sending you good vibes and a big virtual hug. Things WILL get better.

Elysbeth said...

Do you have enough yarn that you can cut it up with scissors, have a good rage/frustration/worried cry, blow your nose, toss it in the trash and cast on afresh in the future?

If not...mail it to me, I will unravel and mail it back in a nice cake.

Christine said...

I've done some frustration hacking with scissors in my time too. I'm so sorry for all your stress lately. Sure hope things work themselves out.

Hang in there and know we're sure thinking of you. :)

Forget running with's the KNITTING/FROGGING with scissors that's truly dangerous! :)

Elysbeth said...

Agreeing with Christine- "Knitting // scissor combo = dangerous!"

ChelleC said...

Thanks everyone - you all offer SO MUCH goodwill and support - believe me, that makes a HUGE difference.

Yes, I will cast on again for that second sleeve. I"m just giving it a few days - I'm reading novels in my downtime right now, going to bed early, and pretty much just vegging when I get home at night.

Dorothy said...

Chelle - so sorry for all the stress you are having. My husband was without work for almost a year back in the 80's. Thinking of you and hoping things will turn around soon.