Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Afghan Finished - College Life Begun

It's finished. Yay!

My daughter is at school, safe and sound.

All her stuff is in her dorm.

She's starting a new college life.

And now we are feeling the aches and pains of the move. Even a hot soak doesn't help much.

But it's good. She'll be fine.

Our little bird has flown the coop.

I'm feeling relieved and a little sad. Not allowing that to overwhelm me yet.

Lot of emotions. But whew, it's gonna be okay.


Elysbeth said...

Only yesterday you left her at the kindergarten.

Warm afghany hugs for you too!

Christine said...

Oh Chelle, that blanket turned out fabulous. She'll know she's wrapped in a hug from mom every time she uses it. :)

Catherine said...

It will be okay. A few years from now, when she's planning her wedding and you are both joking that you wish she'd eloped, (and we're not always joking) this will be a fond memory of a great afghan and the launch of her future.

HattieMae said...

I love your work! Your daughter must be so very happy!