Friday, August 06, 2010

It's a Boy!

No, I didn't just have a baby or a grandbaby. I just found out that my Green Creek Conure, Mac, is a boy. With Green Cheeks, the males and females are virtually indistinguishable by sight, so you have to have them blood tested to find out for sure. Tests just came back late last week. Here is Emily with Mac.

Mac not only enjoys riding on my shoulder everywhere he can, but he also enjoyed spinning with me. If you look closely, or click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see Mac perched on the back of my chair while I'm spinning on my new little Merlin Tree "Roadbug" wheel.

Speaking of gender, I've decided that the Roadbug is definitely a female. My friend Luann said I should have had her painted Green (favorite color) but I thought, no she's just a plain, down-to-earth, but quirky and funny girl I call appropriately enough "Rhoda the Roadbug." She's named in honor of one of my favorite sit-com characters, Rhoda Morganstern, from the Mary Tyler Moore series.

Remember Rhoda? (the lively sidekick of MTM). I always wished I could be as beautiful, funny and talented as her - plus I wanted her attic apartment. If Rhoda could have been a real person, I'm almost SURE she would have been a knitter - maybe she would have spun huge art yarn? Probably would have had a loom as big as her apartment, and maybe knit some wild colorful shawls and definitely over-the-top quirky hats. Maybe she would have knit creative, fantatic freeform sweaters? Who knows.

One more gender analysis, I believe that my Mach II Spinolution wheel is a male - and I call him Henry. He's broad and substantial, and I picture him much like a Henry the VIII kind of guy. He likes to stay home in his castle, eat a lot of fiber, and not move around much. He rules over the spinning kingdom here at home as my best "go to" wheel - he likes to be the ruler.


Rebecca said...

this post made me :D!!!

Lisa Kay said...

Very cool pet. Mitchell has been wanting a pet. I've been suggesting a chameleon. Julian, a character in the Olivia TV show, has a chameleon. I don't think Chris will go for it, though.