Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weaving Accessory Bag

If last weekend was focused on relaxing, this one was focused on doing errands and getting things done. Many things were marked off my "to do" list. That is a really satisfying feeling though.

The motivational speaker Brian Tracey used to call that "eating the frog" - meaning doing the things that you really need to do, and just swallowing those tasks - getting them over with, then feeling the satisfaction of having done what you need to do. Good especially on a cold, rainy and nasty April weekend when it's too cold to do anything outside anyway.

The only bit of fiber work I had the chance to do this weekend, though, was finishing weaving and sewing up this bag. It's a loom accessory bag. I actually wove the fabric for the bag itself on the Kromski Harp that it is hanging from. First project on that loom. And I'm so proud of myself for sewing the bag on my sewing machine, including a lining and inside pockets. Yippee. Something very handy and useful that I'll use every time I weave.

You gotta love a project that turns out exactly as you envisioned it. Gotta take happiness in simple things and accomplishments. Right?


Rebecca said...

great job! you are forever expanding your skills - you rock! how's dd's uni going? she's almost out of freshman year!!!

Elysbeth said...

You know what I always say: "Enjoy the small things, because the big things usually disappoint."

ChelleC said...

Well she is no longer at the university. She came home and is going to community college now. Long story - but it turned out okay for all concerned in the long run.

She's taking things slower now and getting her bearings in a setting that is better for her.