Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Checking In

Not much new to report - I haven't been doing hardly any crafts, just an occasional spinning session here and there, because I've been busy getting my head crammed to overflowing with the new job.

I love the job, but am still in the learning phase. Took a big test last Friday. If I passed, I can start working in the field with actual clients. Can't wait! The training was very thorough though and I am liking the job - the glimpse that I see of it right now. Won't really know what doing the job is like until I actually do it, ya know?

But thanks for all the folks who have wished me well and commented, both on here and privately. I love to feel the love, doesn't everybody?

If I owe you a visit or a phone call, just reach out to me and we'll make "catch up" plans. I really miss my crafts and hope I can get a more balanced focus soon. But I really NEEDED this change and it is a welcome one.

I'm hoping that good things come to all of you too.

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Elysbeth said...

I love it when good things happen to people I know. You needed and deserved this. And more importantly you had the courage to make it happen for yourself.