Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Wanna Stay Home

I'm tired - just got home from a Bar Mitzvah for my nephew in St. Louis. I have a personal theory that there are three types of weekends: 1) the kind where you relax and recharge; 2) the kind that are fun and stimulating but busy; 3) the kind where you work around the house doing serious cleaning or working on a household project. This weekend we had a stimulating and busy weekend traveling to see the relatives on husband's side.

Susie and her family are loads of fun. Susie fulfills the role of "connector" for us - she and her mother Eve both do that. They keep us connected through their invitations and inclusion in family events. They always have family get togethers, parties and celebrate special events. This was her son Bryan's Bar Mitzvah and it was great. It was a whole series of events - including the temple service and a series of brunches and parties. We had a lovely dinner and dancing. Thank goodness I still fit into my black evening dress - the one special party dress I still own, so I didn't have to run out at the last minute and buy something new.

We had a chance to spend time with people we love but seldom see. Relatives and friends came in from several states. Emily had a chance to see her cousins. They are all growing up remarkably fast - and that makes us feel out of touch. In fact, some of the kids were so grown up, I literally didn't recognize them until we were introduced. We splurged and I mean SPLURGED on delicious food. Boy, I need to start that diet again!

I missed my knitting group today because we got home too late. Darn! I really love going to knitting with everyone. It recharges my emotional batteries. But I'll be there next week for sure.

We had a fun time. It made me realize that while I'm prone to wanting to spend my weekends doing the relaxing/recharging activities, my husband and daughter really enjoy the "get out there on the road and do fun things" kind of weekend. I should be more flexible sometimes in going away for some fresh experiences.

When you're a working woman, life just really feels like one big rat race and when you do take the weekend away - everything back at the house such as the avalanche of dirty laundry, the failure to go to the grocery store and other duties that I usually do on the weekends all pile up and populate the following work week. So now I'm having my post-weekend hangover. It's fun while you're out there, but when we come back, you're hit with all the stuff you didn't do while you were gone. I swear, I'm feeling that bluesy sense of "there's no time left for me in my life." I know, it's a pity party. But I'm craving a day - a weekend - a week all by myself. Wouldn't it be great to stay home, curl up in front of a fire? Read a book? Knit a little? Watch some movies? Light candles? Listen to music? And not leave the house for an entire day/weekend/week? Ahhhhh. Sheer bliss.

P.S. I didn't get to knit much this weekend because we were moving from one activity to the other and on the way home, I was so tired I slept the whole four hours while husband drove. Social events are fun, but they wear me out!!!

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Laura said...

I went to SSK today, since yesterday kicked me with a migraine. We got to see your Mom, always a good thing. Java also has the new menu up. It's ok, but then, I've only tried one thing on it. ;)