Friday, December 08, 2006

Dr. Who Kick

Okay, I'm on a Dr. Who kick again. I've been wanting to watch reruns of the original old TV series that I watched during my childhood. My favorite Dr. Who is the fourth one, pictured here. And I love his scarf!

So about a year ago, I started the one in the Sally Melville book - and you see this is where I'm at on it. Guess it would be idea to get it back out again and finish it, right?

Here's a link for the "official" Dr. Who pattern (as Mary mentioned, I think there are probably many different versions). The scarf I am making is from Sally's book and it has brighter colors. Mine is a more garish version, but I like it. These are colors I would wear.

We rented what I THOUGHT was the original Dr. Who series from Netflix, but instead we got a new revamped series they started in 2005. It's pretty good for a revamp, but I nostagically crave the old TV version. So I'm still hunting for it.

On the Knitting front this week? I was going to take the Smittens class last Tuesday, but it was a weird day! (Almost weird in a Dr. Who/surrealistic kind of way). I was driving to work at my usual time, 6:20 AM when I got stalled into a total highway shutdown. A tractor trailor had turned over on the highway and traffic was totally at a crawl. During this time sitting on the bridge, I ran out of gasoline and had to pull over at the shoulder - luckily I found a shoulder. Then Bob came and rescued me - two hours later, with a can of gasoline. But during the tense wait, I luckily had this project to work on and it kept me relatively calm.

That night, driving to the yarn shop, there was another big wreck near the yarn shop, so I had to go around it - took forever, and when I got to the shop, I found out the class had been cancelled for lack of enough people.

So now I'm working pretty steadily on my Top Down Pure & Simple Plain Vanilla pullover sweater that I was working on during the traffic jam.

And I want to also pick up my Dr. Who scarf and finish that. How's that for a plan?

Christmas and Hannukah gifts - those are being purchased this year, definitely not knit. I am too stressed out for anything but purely selfish knitting right now.


Anonymous said...

Mary said...

He is also MY favorite Dr. Who. I think his name is Tom Baker (Laura?). So much so that while I could enjoy earlier Who episodes, I never cared for any of the following Dr.s.

I went to a sci-fi convention one Friday night about 23 years ago with a neighbor who was a Dr. Who fanatic. I knit her a Dr. Who scarf from a Dr. Who book published in Great Britian. It was very tedious, made more so by the fact it was all acrylic yarn (I'd yet to find out about the good stuff).

ChelleC said...

Yeah, I don't know why, but he's defintely my favorite.

This Dr. Who scarf I'm making obviously isn't like the original. It's a Sally Melville version.

I'm knitting it in Paton's 100% wool. It's definitely tedious knitting, but it's one of those projects where I actually think I might WEAR the thing, so it's probably worth the boredom.

Anonymous said...

Mary said...

I'm not really sure that the pattern in the book I used was the real deal. That's just what I was telling myself the whole time I was knitting.

After reading your post, I went online (Tom Baker has his own web site!) and looked at several Dr. Who photos w/scarf and none of them looked alike.

Anonymous said...

Well, nuts.

I had a comment typed, but since I'm on Blogger Beta, it dropped everything I'd typed.

I think Tom Baker is best because he's always smiling in the show. I love Peter Davidson, but as Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small, not as Dr. Who.

Kay said...
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Kay said...

Dr. Who scarves! Love em! I made one for Mike a couple years back.

I used the Season 12 pattern at for it. Jeez, that was a while ago, the photo was taken in our family room in Mission Viejo. :-)

ChelleC said...

Kay, I LOVE your version of the Dr. Who Scarf!!! Mike looks great with it. Does he still wear it?

Elysbeth said...

Oh yeah! Tom Baker. My favourite Dr. Who.

Glad you had your stress relieving knitting in the car with you. Never leave home without a project. : )

ChelleC said...

Elsbyth, hey I can't comment on your blog. I don't know why. It says you approve to the comments, but they never get on there?

Somehow my comments may be tied to my old email address instead of my Yahoo adress, but when I log into Blogger, it uses my Yahoo one, so I don't know what's wrong.

Have you been receiving my comments in your email?