Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend Project Finishing Spree!

Project: Plymouth Alpaca Grande Vest - Pattern No. 26
Needles: Size 11
Worked on: November 21 - December 2nd.
Knitting Level: Easy!
Satisfaction Level: 8

I love the vest and think this is something I will actually wear. It was extremely easy and fun to knit! I think it will get larger and cover more as it stretches - Alpaca stretches a lot.

Also: Alpaca sheds a lot. I noticed it shed a lot of red fuzz all over the cashmere off-white sweater I wore beneath it, but that doesn't bother me. If shedding bothers you, then perhaps reconsider this yarn and choose something else?

I took this in a class with 5 other knitters and it was so much fun! Hi Megan, Carol, Jenny, Debbie, Barbara! Hope you are completing your sweater vests as well and will show them off to me soon.

There is very little finishing to this vest, either. It just requires two short side seams and Voila!

Next on the finishing agenda this weekend was finishing the Trekking Socks I started last summer. Here they are, just in time for winter wearing:

Please pardon the ghostly white legs. But the socks are nice!

Started: June 18th
Finished: December 2nd

Size 0 Needles - 2 socks on 2 circs method
Yarn used: Trekking XXL Color 135 in orange, pink, blue, green, purple.

Pattern: Pure & Simple Fingering Weight Socks, Cuff Down No 216

I'm officially TIRED of knitting socks now.

Next up: Smittens in Mission Falls Wool (I'm making the Advika style with black and multi-colored stripes to match my black coat). Also will knit a black felted hat to go with it.

Also on the needles: am currently working on a Neckdown Pullover for Women in Vanilla color

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Restless Knitter said...

I've never really been a vest type person, but that one looks really cute. Love the socks, too!m