Monday, December 18, 2006

Riddle: How Do You Survive A Houseful of Teenagers?

Answer: With this:

WoodWick soy candles that Mary told me about. You can buy them at Cracker Barrell restaurants in the gift shop. They are the most delightful candles you will ever experience - they have a wood wick (and thus the name), they smell delightful, burn twice as long as a normal candle and give off a wood cracking sound that reminds you of a crackling fire. Speaking as a bonafide candle fanatic I can testify to the fact that these are the --- the best!!! Made even better by soaking in a big bubble bath at the same time as burning the candle. It would make a lovely and affordable Christmas gift for $15.99 if you haven't found a special gift for someone on your list.

And this:

My current sweater project, the Plain Vanilla sweater that Norma has written often about, using the Pure and Simple Neckdown Pullover for Women Pattern No. 9724 and Marr Haven yarn, I love that stuff!!! It feels like heaven. You can read a Knitter's Review about this yarn by going here. It's the Natural color - and it looks rich and classy, feels soft as butter in your hands, and I heard gets even softer after washing.

This weekend, the sweater grew quite a bit. Yeah! See the black line on it? That's a thread/lifeline where I took it off the needles and tried it on to make sure it fits. Fits beautifully.

I can't wait to finish this sweater, because I think it is one I will wear quite a bit. You start at the neck, knit it all in one piece, and then later will pick up those live stitches at the armhole to knit the sleeves. It's an ingenious, easy and fun pattern. Would make a good "first sweater" for anyone and knits up very fast so far.

And finally this!!! Frank Sinatra. He's always relaxing and classic. I wish I had even more Frank Sinatra CDs. You can never have too many of his albums!


Anonymous said...

I love Frank. We've been known to belt out the first lines to "New York", around here. Mainly because those few are the only ones we know. :D

I also love the Cracker Barrel, but haven't been in years.

I can't wait to see the vanilla sweater in person! By the time I do, you'll probably be wearing it! :)

ChelleC said...

The Cracker Barrel is a good place to buy gifts. Especially inexpensive gifts.

When I went there Saturday, it was quite crowded, but it was worth the wade through there to pick up the candles.