Saturday, June 05, 2010

Failed Project

Lately, I've been feeling pulled in too many directions. This is reflected perfectly in my knitting/crafting life.

I have been trying, for two months, to work on a Seraphina shawl (crochet project).

Unfortunately, I've gone wrong on it - several rows ago, and didnt' realize it. Somehow I was able to keep crocheting until this one point, along about Row 18 on Sequence 1 and I realize that I don't have the right stitches for it. Took it to the crocheters at Target on Thursday night and found out that I goofed up WAY back, many rows ago, because it seems that sometimes I included the beginning V stitch and sometimes I didn't, and I have an extra shell on one side - all of this will probably mean little to noncrocheters, but suffice to say, I royally goofed up my Seraphina. It was meant as a prayer shawl gift, but it's evidenly not meant to be (at least for now). I am just too frustrated with it. And I thought it was turning out so well.

Big squash to the overconfidence, that's for sure.

So now I'm letting it go, putting it away, at least for now.

At any rate, I'm casting on for a knitted shawl rather than a crochet, because I'm more confident in that. And I'm picking an easier pattern this time. This is a prayer shawl - so I don't need to be fretting about it, don't you agree? It should be a calm project, not a frazzled one. So I frogged the frazzled Seraphina that was not meant to be, and am turning to calm anticipation of the lilac of the new shawl.

Why do I seeem to have a string of SEVERAL projects go astray before something comes together? Gosh, this sounds like life in general, doesn't it? But sometimes, rather it's in crocheting, knitting or in LIFE, you need to recognize when it's bad and let it go.


Elysbeth said...

You mean it's not normal for 3 or 4 to be frogged, and one to be abandoned before a project gets worn?

Thanks for that blow to MY confidence. ; )

ChelleC said...

Yeah but what's really annoying about this is that I waited so long to figure out that it was messed up. (sigh) Oh well.

I am just really glad that the shawl I'm working on now (Multnomah) is turning out much better. Whew!