Thursday, July 08, 2010

Groovy Granny Squares

The photo is Carol at the Shep Shed, my favorite online place to buy fiber, she's bagging up a big mound of fiber that I'd love to jump into right now. In fact, I just placed an order from their Grab Bag section this morning and hopefully will have more fiber to dye and play with in a few days. If you haven't ever bought anything from there, check them out. There's even a Ravelry Group where Carol posts about her specials and people discuss what they do with her mill ends. If you order from her, you don't always have much choice in the grab bags, but I've ended up with some nice stuff and it's always a fun fiber surprise. Just what I need right now. A fiber fix. Yes!

I've been so excited about spinning, especially since getting my new wheel. I even got out my Fancy Kitty drum carder and made some batts the other day (unfortunately mine doesn't have the brush attachment yet, but I've been thinking I might get one eventually. I neeed to start dyeing while the weather is hot out and I can dry fiber outside in the hot sun. The lady who sold me my wheel is a real fiber artist - she does everything, drum carding, knitting, dyeing, crocheting, weaving. Anyway, she got me inspired to want to do all those things. Yippee!

Unfortunately I don't have much time to do the things I want to dabble in. I'd love to just take 3 days off in the middle of the week some time and play in fiber pursuits. Hey, maybe I will do that in the Fall when the weather gets cooler. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Things are really tense at work right now. Major shakeup and changes. So coming home to spinning at night has been a real godsend! Thank goodness I meditate and spin regularly. Now I just need to do Yoga more often and I'd be even better. I've been stress eating lately and haven't been exercising enough.

Another thing I've been doing is working on Emily's Granny Square Afghan. I'm now up to 20 (6" X 6") squares. I think I need about 90-100 of them or so to make the size afghan I'm wanting. She leaves for college at the end of August, so I need to continue pumping out Granny Squares. As you can see, I am finishing the last round in green each time so that my crocheting or stitching them together will be easier and won't show the stitching as much. I'm planning on trying to knit or crochet a block in the center with her school's logo in the middle. Green and White are her school colors.

Now off to work. Sigh.


Elysbeth said...

A) DRUM CARDER?!?! Envy.
B) Can we help with the granny squares? I almost feel like I've seen her grow up over the last 3 years.

Christine said...

Oh the grannies look fabulous! Just the shabby chic thing a new college student needs to complete the dorm room decor! AND hand crocheted from mom? It doesn't get any better than that.

I didn't know you had a drum carder!!! *majorly jealous* :)YAY

ChelleC said...

A) Yes I've had it over a year and I've barely used it because I was afraid I'd break the teeth or something. Plus, I didn't know how to clean it. The perfectionist part of me didn't want to get it "dirty." Weird I know - but I've started using it now :)

B) Certainly - feel free to send squares. I'm using Vanna's choice in nearly every color imaginable, with Olive as the outside color. 6 inch by 6 inch squares.