Friday, July 16, 2010

A Musical Find - Pandora

I've been so busy and distracted lately, I nearly forgot that my word this year was "Find." But in my need to calm my nerves and relieve anxiety about changes at work, I decided to find a music station that I could stream through the Internet and wouldn't have to to think too much about. I used to do that through my Sirius Radio but they don't let you do it anymore without charging extra. Forget that. I'm not paying extra for music. And I don't have time to fool with selecting and loading my favorite tunes onto an MP3 player. So I searched and FOUND a wonderful alternative. It's called Pandora.

Since I have ecletic musical taste, it's hard to find just one radio station that contains it all. But with this Pandora system, it KNOWS or learns that I LOVE folk music, such as Donovan, Carole King, James Taylor, Peter Paul and Mary, the 1960's type of folk; as well as the new Indie Music like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Combine that with that fact that I dig R&B, some Blues, lots of 1970's music, Motown classics and some good ole Frank Sinata. It "knows" that I don't like Bob Dylan, can live two lifetimes without Elvis. It just has me pegged amazingly well and fast. It's like magic. Weird.

So you want to give it a try too? You can start by going to that Pandora link (above), then entering one or a series of your favorite music groups and/or songs. The free audio starts streaming and as you like/dislike songs that it picks for you based upon the favorites you've listed, the software finds other artists and/or songs that have similar musical qualities you might like. I have been LOVING this system and after trying it for a week, the software is refining itself to my tastes more and more. I am finding such wonderful music without having to mix it myself.

Music especially tailored and customized for your listening pleasure. Amazing. Try it and you may be pleasantly surprised too.


teabird said...

I love Pandora! I've discovered so many artists through the algorithm they use to create my stations. Of course, sometimes it goes wildly astray - like when I said I liked "John Barleycorn" by Traffic it started to steer into rather heavy rock... I also have a Donovan station.

Rebecca said...

awesome!!! gonna check out link! thanks for heads up and glad you're finding again ;)

Carol said...

I too love Pandora. I listen to it on my phone. I also like Jango and Rhapsody which are very similar. Pandora is my fav though.