Friday, July 23, 2010

My Dyeing Day

I decided to take a Friday off to just veg out and PLAY with fiber. So since I've been putting off dyeing - don't know why, but I think it's because I'm a klutz and I'm scared of dyeing my kitchen countertop or floor by accident. But I summoned my courage, and a lot of protective plastic. Today was a real scorching hot day, seemed like the perfect day to dye some fiber outside on a throwaway tablecloth.

Started out by soaking the fiber in a water/white vinegar solution so it would soak up the dye well.

Then I carefully mixed Knitpicks acid dyes (dry in cannisters) with water into small jars. The colors used this time were burnt orange, vermillion and emerald green, but on these fibers, I just soaked them for a little while outside in jars in the sun, and didn't leave them long enough. Think maybe I got impatient? Anyway, they came out pale and EHHHHH. I've actually gotten better results from Kool Aid dyeing before. This is how the outside method turned out:

And then I tried one inside, in the crockpot with just the burnt orange, brown and fire red combined in one pot. I tried to keep three distinct sections, but they ended up sort of melding together. Still I LOVE the effect. I am calling this "Fire on the Canyon." Now I wish I'd dyed up a whole bunch more of it.

There's still a big learning curve. I want to learn how to combine and make multi-colors in one roving. Will have to study up and keep practicing.

All in all, spinning is way more relaxing and fun than dyeing, but I like the roving and it may be worth trying again, especially in the crockpot.


Christine said...

Oh, that crock pot fiber turned out lovely! You can always overdye the stuff if you don't like them, but I think they look pretty good too! :)

Just make sure to let things cool completely before you touch them and the fiber won't over process.

Kim S. said...

Wow, look how creative you were on your FIRST try!! I tried dying once with Kool-Aid and was not happy with my results at all.