Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lucy Neatby

In the past few days, I've been listening to these two DVD's called "Knitting Essentials" made by Lucy Neatby. These DVDs are fantastic. I've never been fortunate enough to take a class with Neatby, but I've always wanted to. By watching these DVD's, I'm just amazed by her skill and teaching ability. She's a smart cookie and is able to communicate her knowledge. I feel like I have a "front row" seat by watching these films of hers.

Lynn, over at Colorjoy, described going to Lucy's classes in this June 13, 2005 blog entry. The photo of Lucy (above) was taken by LynnH of Colorjoy fame. She has some great photos of Lucy teaching - so you might want to visit her June archives for more info on the classes she took in person.

Lucy Neatby is not only a creative person, but she LOOKS creative. How many knitter gurus have purple hair? I don't usually fawn over knitting celebrities, well, okay I admit to being bowled over when I met Sally Melville at Stitches in 2003 ---- but I was nearly giddy when Lucy herself called me several weeks ago to tell me that my Knitting Essentials DVDs were delayed but on the way. Now they are HERE and I'm enjoying them so much I may buy her Sock DVD's once the cash flow is coming in again more steadily.

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Laura said...

My turn to beg for an update!

How's the new job? I'm suspecting you're being kept very busy.