Sunday, August 13, 2006

You'll See Perpetual Change

Perhaps this "dates" me, but truly my life (especially lately) reminds me of that old Yes song "Perpetual Change."

And one peculiar point I see,
As one of many ones of me.
As truth is gathered, I rearrange,
Inside out, outside in, inside out, outside in,
Perpetual change.

In response to these major life changes, I haven't been knitting much at all this week. In fact, I didn't pick up my knitting bag all week, believe it or not. Usually I knit my way through stress, but this week, I just cleaned like a speed demon and studied like crazy for my new job. I don't think there was a spare moment and things were getting pretty frantic. But we finally got our house in saleable shape and listed it late this week.

Crazy week, let me tell ya. I started in training at the new job and in the heat of all that, I put my house up for sale. On the house front, we really would like something bigger with a family room, but we must sell ours first before we make a move. I don't want two mortgages. Period.

So now the onslaught of house tourists begins. Ugghh! I dread that part of it. But it is a necessary evil if you want to sell your house. Already, I keep looking for essential household and personal grooming items I put away or shoved in a drawer somewhere to make the house look less cluttered. It really IS less cluttered. I've thrown away, hauled away, given away and stored away an unbelievable amount of "stuff." I will probably end up re-buying half the stuff I can't find, but that's all a part of the house selling process don't cha know?

My husband and I both are just exhausted, but in fairly good spirits feeling that we've accomplished a ton of stuff now that we've combined energies and are determined to face the changes, which we've been avoiding for some time. Change is scary, but . . . transforming.

On the other hand, I don't want to get TOO swept away by the changes. Whew! Time to take a breather.

I did make it to about half an hour or so of the Sip and Knit yesterday. I thought I'd missed it altogether, because we were running various errands all day, but I popped in right before everyone disbanded and knit just a few rows. It was a welcome break. Thanks everybody for sticking around, that was nice.

I'm going to have some iced tea now and try to relax a bit before the teengirl wakes up and takes me on a school supply buying marathon. Have a good week everyone and I hope to come up for air again soon to give you an update.

Meanwhile, knit some for me, will ya? And tell me about it. I'd like to experience the yarn at least vicariously through you! And speaking of yarn, most of my stash is even hidden away right now in a storage locker, so maybe I'll be forced to finish up some of the Unfinished Objects I have on my list. Those are the only items I didn't haul away in the great stockpile lockdown we conducted.


Jeanne said...

I feel for you - we sold our house and bought a new one three years ago, and its a drag (although very nice to look for new houses!). I hope you sell yours quickly...but locking up the stash? Isn't that a bit drastic?

Maenwyn said...

Not to worry, I bought some new yarn today. You remember the beaded yarn? Yup, two of them, but I will return. There are more colors!

Relax, I got your back.

ChelleC said...

Yeah, I'm just glad the major cleaning and decluttering is now accomplished. That was a pain.

M - that yarn was really lovely. You can't get enough of that stuff. I never saw beads prestrung on yarn before. I've avoided bead knitting so far because of the tedious stringing, but hmmmm, that's nice. Your colorway was beautiful. Tell me the name of the yarn again?

Laura said...

I hear and obey! I'll have to stop posting chicken pictures and start back with the yarn ones. :D

Do you have a house or an area picked out, yet? Are you going to be there Saturday so I can pepper you with questions? I've told Fry, there may be Hell, there may be high water, but we WILL be there. ;)

ChelleC said...

We want to stay in the general area we're living in, just get a bigger house with a family room (finished basement).