Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shhh!!! Don't Jinx It!

Laura asked how the new job is going. Well, I actually STARTED to post a message about it the other day, but I have this superstitious (but very strong) belief that if I brag on something, the good in it will immediately disappear in a flash. That's why I never brag on my car's current performance, my health, my marriage, my child, nor anything else that may be doing fine in case I might jinx it.

So . . . . let's just say I don't want to talk about it - which is a GOOD (really good) thing WINK. VERY BIG SMILE. I'm still in training of course, but wow. What a difference.

Now, we'll speak no more of this blessed (errr UNSPEAKABLE) event.


Phyllis W. said...

Well I hope "you know what" is going very well, because you so deserve it!

Laura said...

Talking about it jinx it? Well THAT explains a lot in my life. :P

I hope you have such good times at work, you can't blog about it.

Elysbeth said...

Are you Jewish? That is a very Jewish thing. I won't even talk nice about a car on the road in my own car because I don't want to jinx the car I have.

Since we can't say something nice I'll just leave you with "may your knitting snarl easily and loosely"

: )

ChelleC said...

Yes! Elysbeth, you are right. I am. And I am afraid to speak of knitting projects going well, so that saying of yours about the snarly yarn is perfect!