Friday, August 25, 2006

Didn't I Used to Knit?

I've been in classroom training at my new job for three weeks. Today ends the third week. This is the best training I have ever received on any job. Bar none. However, the tension is also rising because the expectation on MY part begins. We're being released onto the sales floor next week.

This company is a very results-oriented company. They don't have much, if any, "ramp up" period for thei new sales people - it's get out there and DO IT!!!

Yesterday I glanced around the room at my 6 other co-trainees and I saw this glazed deer-in-the-headlight look, and it must have echoed the same on my face because the trainer smiled at us and said, "Okay, you've all hit the brick wall stage that all my training classes reach at about this point in time."

Eeeks - this is a crazy and challenging time for me. Tension is high. Expectation is high. I feel under a lot of pressure.

And I'm still knitting on the 2nd of my green Simply Lovely Lace sock. This month of August was supposed to be Finished Object month. I think I once used to knit, but it feels like forever since I've had any downtime to knit at all.

My brain is exploding. Now I need to act on all this information. And oh yeah, I need to get back to my diet - (which has gone totally to hell in the last 3 weeks), a weekend to putter around and do nothing with my family would be REALLY nice. My knitting, all the fun stuff.

A weekend is coming - and when I'm not packing for the big upcoming house move, I'm going to snatch back some fun out of life, at least a teaspoon full.


Phyllis W. said...

You're smart, personable and you catch on fast. You're gonna exceed their expectations and totally blow your new employers away.

Maenwyn said...

I know you'll do well. I admire you being able to be in sales. You will knit again, I promise!

Laura said...

You must know Phyllis in real life, she has you pegged. Oh wait! Is this THE Phyllis, the bestselling author? Cool!

Sales? Oh no, I admire anyone who can do it. Not only can you, you do well, too. :)

You could knit tomorrow. You need a break from all the new job and moving stress.

ChelleC said...

Yes, she is THAT Phyllis.

Yesterday was real emotional at work. There are only 6 out of 10 of us left now. This is an excellent company and I love it. I've learned more about sales in the last 3 weeks than I've ever learned in any training anywhere. But they expect results - even in training. They are all about results.

I need to go knit. I really do! After the house inspection today, I think I'm heading over to knitting group.

victoria said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I had to pop over to visit yours too and I'll definitlely be back! good luck on your move--we've moved so many times that i truly do feel your pain. it stinks!