Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fingerless Glove - One Down and On the Second

This pattern is from the Knitty website. You can make a glove in one evening. Easy. Fast and warm. The cable on the wrist doesn't show up much in this dark charcoal color. I wouldn't do the picot bindoff near the fingers next time.

Here is a photo of Emmy and Aunt Eve - these two have such fun together.

And finally, it's Fall. I LOVE October. Here's my Fall table setting (what I love best is that I bought this dish set and glasses as well as matching mugs at the Dollar Tree for $1 each! The bargain hunter in me was well pleased):


Jeanne said...

The fetching glove looks great! Your fall table is beautiful - and great bargain...

Laura said...

I hope I get to see you tomorrow! Of course you'll bring the glove to show off. :) You have such nice family members, too.

Don't you LOVE the dollar stores? I'll have to run through our local one, just to see what I don't need.