Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fitness Efforts - Need to Regroup

Okay, a few weeks ago I was on here bragging about losing 8 lbs. on a well-known and expensive weight loss program that I don't want to repeat the name of because I am no longer as happy with them. I followed the program religiously from 9-27 until last week - so I was on it 4 weeks but I after the initial weight loss, which was during their "prep phase" - after when I was on their extremely low calorie restricted diet and very limited selections of food - I slowly started regaining several pounds of the weight I'd initially lost.

They wanted me to take bitter orange - a form appetite suppressant that I wasn't sure was safe to take, especially after researching it. So I refused to take it - and they said that voided my "weight loss guarantee." Plus I have some perimenopause/hormonal issues that makes dieting and losing weight even more of a challenge with weight fluctation etc. I'm going to return to a more sane, doable eating plan.

I've been depressed this week, stressed from work etc and admit that this week I've really fallen off the wagon BIG TIME. I'm talking bingeing - getting into the Halloween candy and drowning my worries in ravenous hormonal cravings for chocolate. I think my week-long pity party probably resulted in the gaining of several pounds. I'm going to find out today what I weigh - ah face the scales again. Grrrr.

The lesson learned is: there's no magic way to lose weight. It's slow. It takes constant viligence and throwing a lot of money at the problem won't make it any easier. You have to drink lots of water. Eat low lean proteins. Lot of veggies. A little fruit. No sugar, chocolate or other emtpy calories. Lots of regular exercise.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Maybe I'll return to the Weight Watchers program, which seems to work best for me, especially the Core Program - it's basically a natural foods low carb/healthy eating list of foods that I can eat, similar to South Beach. I'm going to go shopping for the ingredients later this afternoon.

Plus I have been starting to exercise again - I was depressed yesterday so I skipped Hot Yoga on Saturday morning and spent the day with my Honey instead. But I intend to do yoga this week.

Also, my friend Mary turned me onto Zumba, a form of aerobics with Salsa and other dance moves mixed in. We had a LOT of fun there, didn't we Mary? The only downside was that I started craving Mexican food and Marguritas afterwards. But I had burned 500 calories doing the workout, so I made myself go home and drink water with lemon instead. Not as satisfying, but less calories. I could always have salsa on my veggies . . . . yeah, that's the ticket.

If you want to see how Zumba looks here's another link that demonstrates it: Zumba live.


Maenwyn said...

Zumba, huh? I want to watch.

I love to watch people exercise.


Laura said...

LOL at Maenwyn! Rather like the see food diet. Happily, I can avoid the Halloween candy as long as it's not chocolate, and even happier, Dirk LOVES the non-chocolate candy. So, that's the only kind he buys. I've not bought Halloween candy, so there's no temptation lying around. Other than the mass quantities of ice cream, of course.

Hm. Could you not fake taking the suppliment? First, I tell the truth, and then when that won't work, I'll tell them what the want to hear. Did you have to take the suppliment in front of them?

Anonymous said...

So much fun that the hour goes quick! It's just complicated enough that while you're learning and getting used to it, there's no room left in your mind for fretting, worry, anxiety, etc. Plus, you are so red and sweaty afterward that you can't possibly stop anywhere for that margarita.

I can answer Laura's question re: faking the sup's. They make you purchase everything there so they can track your use. They know when you're due for more.

ChelleC said...

Yeah I really missed Zumba tonight. It is FUN!!! We'll do it again next week.

The diet, yeah, I just need to get get rid of this candy, yes I bought chocolate -- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfinger, Snickers, Whooper malted milk balls, yeah all my favorites. And it's not just for the kids doncha know. It's for my fat gullet too.

Betzy said...

I'm with the same program and have had those weeks - but I'm down 30 lbs. I've found that the advice varies depending upon the counselor. I lie a lot. I will not drink morton salt shooters like they want and I hate the thermoboost. Those counselors are hired as retail sales people. Just take what they say with a grain of lite salt :) and don't worry about the agreement. That just means that if you don't make it to your goal by the date that they want, you have to pay for the extra weeks. But actually they give you a bunch of opportunities to get free weeks and you can change your goal weight if you want. I'm at the end of my initial 12 week projected and 9 lbs from goal (130), but happy with my loss (from 165). I don't want to go lower than 135 lbs, so I just changed my goal. Two counselors said no and the third said "of course, it's your plan!" Be assertive!