Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006 - The Scariest Thing Was My Chili

I usually am a pretty good cook. I specialize in spaghetti, chili, beef strogonoff, tuna casserole, macaroni and cheese, crockpot chicken and noodles, the usual cheap, calorie-ridden American eating fare. I usually make these foods rather tasty. I've been cooking them from boxes and cans since I was ten or eleven years old. But somehow, in my efforts to make chili tonight for Halloween, the dish really bombed big-time. It was nasty. Dark, bland and greasy. Yuck!!!

I think baked chicken that was my standard low-cal diet staple is starting to look better and better now that I have that greasy, nasty chili sitting in my stomach like lead.

Happy Halloween everyone! Don't tell Emmy she's too old for trick or treating. She's still happily dressing up.

We didn't have many trick or treaters this year as usual. Maybe because it was so cold? I was disappointed by the turnout, but the kids were cute as always and I had a fun time passing out candy. I tried to give them generous candy portions so I won't worsen my expanding-waistline problem!!!


Laura said...

You know, in that makeup, Emmy's bone structure really stands out. She has your face! Don't you love that? You two also look like your mom to me, but then, I've not seen your dad and could be wrong.

ChelleC said...

Well, I don't think she looks a thing like me - but it's probably because she has her dad's coloring. But she has my voice and my skin.

Emmy did her own hair and makeup for Halloween. I think she did a pretty good job.

I don't think I look like either of my parents. My husband looks exactly like his father.

It's funny though how we never can "see" ourselves objectively.