Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To the Moon Alice!

Not much time to write - big snow/ice storm and Bob's driving me. But I couldn't resist showing you where I'm at on the Jane Thornley Freeform project.

I'm to the moon (remember Jackie Gleason's Honeymooner's show anyone?). I loved it.

I'm getting coaching on this project from Laura. She's the one who got me started on this. Blame Laura! Ha! I am at the 10 inch from the bottom triangle point (is that how you measure, from the bottom point of the triangle up to the top? I dunno). I haven't yet started my V's - I need to start those V's right away. I may end up starting over on the whole project if I don't get it jazzed up soon. I like something with a lot of "pop".
If you can click on the image, you'll see that I started off the very tip with plain grey worsted weight yarn, then moved to LB's Homespun in Edwardian, then on the third area, I mixed Homespun with two other boucle yarns in blue/green, but the effect is very subtle, then I threw in the moon in a Modea blue/white varigated yarn. It needs some "pop" and I'm getting ready to start the V's and get that pop going immediately - either that, or if it doesn't create the look I want, I'll start over. As Laura knows, I often rip out and recreate!
Have a good day everyone. It's cold, icy and snowy. I like winter. But I'd like it much better if I could stay home today and knit in front of the fire.


Elysbeth said...

Could you do some half rows of colours and blends to help pop? I am a bad one to ask, I frog alot. Usually because of "blahs". However, have you tried laying it out on whatever you plan to wear it with? Your planned outfit might send a definite message about what to do next.

ChelleC said...

I think it's too plain and am going to probably try to start over before I get much farther.

ChelleC said...

Elysbeth, you are right, changing colors mid row would be nice, and I think that's coming up next. I just made it took long in the same colors - I need only a few inches of "blah" before adding some zip to it.

I've already started redoing the project and am happier with it already. I'll post a photo once I'm a little farther along.