Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Live for Long Weekends!!!

Oh boy, I am as giddy as can be --- why? Because I'm off work tomorrow. That means a four day weekend!!!! I feel like I've been released from corporate prison. With all the tension there all this month, I thought if I had to spend one more hour there, I'd snap. (Remember there is a GOOD reason this blog is called, "Hanging By A Thin Thread.")

The song "Freebird" rushes into my frazzled mind.

Anyway, I'm not going to think any more about that place, I'm free to be relaxed.

I am free to knit, and roam, and shop and think, and lull around, and loaf. Maybe knit. Maybe read. Maybe I'll finish that cabled purse that has taken me FAR too long. Maybe I'll start on something else for Stitches. Maybe I'll stay sane for one more day. Doubt that.

I am so very happy to call four days in a row my own. Life is good. At leasdt for four days.

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Jeanne said...

Always nice to have a four day weekend - enjoy!