Sunday, May 27, 2007

Time Well Spent in St. Louie-Louie

I don't know why, but many years ago, Bob and I started referring to his hometown as "St. Louie-Louie." (Probably because of the movie MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS). But anyhow, that's where we sojourned on Friday afternoon. We spent Friday and Saturday night at the Drury Inn and came back this (Sunday) evening. We had such a good time. I can't say enough about that Drury Inn, they even let you bring a small dog, so Domino, our Shit-zu tagged along. Our teen girl spent the weekend in Branson with a friends' family so we went by ourselves.

What a nice, peaceful FUN weekend we had together. We visited a few friends there, but mostly just walked down Memory Lane - going back to many of Bob's favorite haunts, including his childhood home. We saw a young woman sweeping the garage, so we walked up and introduced ourselves and asked her if we could peek into the backyard. Soon the woman's husband joined us out in the yard and we explained why we were staring at their house. When we told her Bob grew up in that house, she became very excited because they'd just moved in and wanted to hear the history of the house. Bob told her about the entire neighborhood, including the best local restaurants. She seemed really happy. We didn't go inside, because they said the house was full of unpacked boxes. But we had a chance to get to know this lovely couple a bit and we promised to send them some old photos and segments of home movies that showed the neighborhood in the 1960's and early '70s.

Many of the homes in University City, where Bob grew up, are made up of brick - real solid brick! The one at right is just one we snapped a picture of while walking by, but it typlifies the brick that is seen EVERYWHERE in this older neighborhood. I love these homes and wish we had more like them in the Kansas City area. Ah well, we don't. It's wood siding around here, and what can you do? They just don't make brick anymore - too expensive perhaps? Housing prices in St. Louis have skyrocketed much like they have here.

To the left is a photo of Bob's Aunt Renee on the left and my mother-in-law, Syl, on the right. We went to see Renee over the weekend. She's one of the sweetest people on earth. I adore her. Renee and Syl are not actual sisters - but best friends. Bob has always called her "aunt." She makes the famous "Renee's Poppy Seed Cookies." This woman is the best Jewish cooks you ever met. Her home is always warm and inviting. You can show up on her door night or day and she'll always invite you in for a visit. You feel so at home, like you never left.

While visiting, we shopped by two yarn shops. One is called "Chris' Needle Craft Supplies" in Chesterfield. They have a website, which is Very cute place! With knowledgeable knitters, including the manager named Wayne Davis, who is not only a talented knitter, but he also makes lovely handmade shawl pins such as this one I bought, in Bolivan Rosewood. And, as you can see, I couldn't resist buying my first skein of Tofutsie sock yarn in an aqua, green, lavendar, pink colorway. Very summery, wouldn't you say?

My friend, Carol, has already made some socks out of this yarn, in a different color, so I know how soft and lovely this yarn is from touching her socks. I just HAD to have some. Who can resist yarn with shrimp shells ground into the yarn to make it softer? Mmmm.

Did I tell you that during the drive to and from, I finished the cabled purse? Well, I did. While in St. Louis, I found some cloth to make the lining. And I need to sew the lining, attach the straps and the magnetic closure -- do all those finishing things so that I can show you the completed bag - maybe tomorrow or sometime this week.

I started a new project, a summer sweater, but it's been a bugger-bear so far. I struggled with it, and finally visited yes ANOTHER yarn shop, both to buy a bit of yarn, but mainly to get advice on what I'm doing wrong on this bugger-bear dang sweater pattern. We all agreed, the Math just didn't quite work out - it was one stitch off. But I think this one will be okay once I get the hang of it.

"Knitorious" is the name of the shop where they offered their knitter's hand-holding service. Bob patiently waited in the car while the folks at "Knitorious" did a pattern analysis for me. I've been there before, and it is a "not to be missed shop" near the St. Louis zoo. Their website is and the owner is Sandy, a wonderfully helpful person - along with her colleague Lenora. Together, Sandy and Lenore are a dynamite team. I recommend them and the shop highly.

The colorway below with a mixture of brown/copper/peach and blue color elements is another Colinette Jitterbug find of mine in a colorway called "Copperbeach." Since falling in love with shawls, I may just HAVE to whip this into another shawl perhaps?


Carol said...

Sounds like a very fun trip. I always have a good time when I go to St. L. I am so glad you got the Tofutsie. I think you will love working with it. It is a little splitty but not bad. The feel of it is so worth it.

I too love Knitorious. There is also a shop on Lindburg in South County that I like to visit. Heatherstone. It is small shop with a lot packed into it but the ladies are very nice and helpful.

Sound like a good road trip to add to the list.

Elysbeth said...

You'll love that shawl pin, it's so smooth and lightweight.

Laura said...

So. Have you started on the shawl, yet??? ;) Isn't it odd how there's few brick homes in KC? When Dirk and I moved up, we were amazed. They're very common in west Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, probably due to the lack of trees and abundance of dirt. Probably the brick is a habit left over from the 'wood is too expensive to import' part of the centuries. :D