Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back to the "Real World"

After spending 5 wonderful days in Chicago with at Stitches being mesmorized by knitting goodness, I came home to Kansas City being plunged into a heat furnace. In KC, there has been temps well into the high 90s and hitting 100 several days. Then on Monday, our air conditioner went down! The repairman had to order parts, so we're still sweating it out. But thankfully we have a small window unit in our upstairs bedroom, and the downstairs isn't as sweltering as the middle and upper floor.

On Tuesday, the air conditioning went out in my husband's truck. We had to get that fixed yesterday. Then last night our garage door started sticking and messing up - it seems we're in some kind of mechanical meltdown over here! It's weird. Is Mercury in retrograde right now - or what is it cosmically that causes such mechanical problems? I don't know. But I'm hot, I'm tired, and I'm suffering from post-Stitches letdown and withdrawal.

When can I take a vacation again? Awkkkk! I'm ready.

The other night, I suggested that we go out and rent some "funny movies set in cold places - like Alaska." I have been told that I should see "Continental Divide" and "Mystery Alaska." But Mystery, Alaska isn't a funny one - just cold. Luckily the temps are supposed to break and go down a few degrees by this coming weekend.

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Elysbeth said...

Howsa'bout Cool Running - I love the scene where they leave the aeroport.