Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Look What Came In the Mail Today

Ah ha! It arrived, my Icelandic Shawl Kit from Sarah's Yarns. I am so thrilled! Sarah got this yarn kit to me to make the Icelandic Shawl, which I've been wanting to make ever since I first read about it over on Knitting Daily. It's a free pattern, and you can go to the link and download it for free. When this pattern first arrived in my email box several weeks ago, I felt like I'd been given an early birthday present. Now having the yarn kit from Sarah for only $25 including shipping - can you believe the bargain? It feels like a gift as well. She gives excellent service and an unbelievable price. Wahoooo!!!!

This is so exciting. Of course, I'm in a knitalong (through Yahoo Groups) that starts Monday for this Shawl and I'll be wanting to cast on, probably tomorrow. As all of you know, I've been in "shawl love" ever since I completed my first one earlier this summer. I can't wait to begin another one. This will be a blast.

I'm making the Icelandic Shawl in the original "natural" colorways with white, brown, and several shades of grey. This is what I'm shooting for. High expectations be damned. When it comes to shawls, you can't love them enough or enjoy knitting anything else even half as much. I'll be in shawl heaven -- and best of all, I'm off on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Bet you know what I'll be doing . . . . casting on very soon. Maybe I can hold off until tomorrow?


Elysbeth said...

I'll be watching this with interest. I looked at the pattern and thought...hmmn maybe. Of course, now you'll have to be on the look out for a magilicious pin to secure it with.

Laura said...

I. Love. That. Shawl!

Whew! Ok, just ordered the kit, too. I kept trying to mix and match from what was in my stash, and honestly, couldn't. It's worth the money to have it done for me, so it's done right.

Now I'm too excited! I can't wait to see how you get along with yours.

Um, I forgot to ask, it IS ok to knit this along with you, isn't it? I mean, we did so well on the Not-a-poncho, even if Jane went AWOL on us...

ChelleC said...

E - Yes, a pin : ) I got a few really pretty ones at Stiches . . . but not sure if any will go with this shawl or not. We'll have to see.

L - Are you kidding? I NEVER care even if anyone makes exactly the same thing I do. In fact, I am complimented if someone likes something that well. It will be fun to knitalong together. I think that Jen is making it too. She and I talked about that several weeks ago when we were having trouble finding the kits.

Laura said...

Cool! I figured as much. :) I can't wait until my kit gets here. It'll be fun to see how much you get done before I even get mine, you knit so fast.

Jen said...

Glad your yarn finally arrived.