Monday, August 06, 2007

Sanity Saver

Elysbeth reminded me that one of her favorite features on my blog is one that I haven't done in a while - it's called "Sanity Savers" and it is where I list some of my favorite books and/or products that help me keep myself serene, sane, destressed or otherwise functioning. In the past, I've discussed a few of my favorite teas, candles, books, and I see this expanding in the future. Let's make it a regular point of discussion, shall we?

It's funny, but I'm still a bit frazzled from my frantic job - even though I've changed departments, I don't know that I'm mentally adjusted to the abrupt change of pace. But anyhow, let's see if this Stitches becomes (hopefully) as much as an opportunity to unwind as to have fun, learn and shop. I really want the unwinding part to be a big part of the trip.

SANITY SAVER - have sinus problems like I do? Or headaches? Or just general stress? Run, do not walk, but run to your nearest Origins store where they carry "Peace of Mind." This is a lotion that you apply to the temples, the forehead, or whatever area of your face that you get tense or headachy. When I have sinus problems, I also apply a small amount just under the nose. This lotion has a strong minty/menthol smell, so if you don't like that smell or flavor, then it's best not to use it. Also avoid getting in the eyes. But it does wonders for a headache - tension or otherwise. If I have a migraine, I lie down with this lotion on my forehead, the lights off and a cool washcloth on my head. It really helps. I use this before turning to the Excedrin Migraine and often it helps me avoid meds. I carry a small bottle of this stuff in my purse everywhere I go. It's like magic in a bottle.

I love MANY of the Origins products, including the blemish minimizer. You can go to their website, visit one of their stores etc. to check out the whole line up.

Anyone else have other Sanity Savers? If anyone reads this blog, please take a moment to offer some of YOUR favorite "Sanity Savers" - it doesn't have to be a product, we don't have to be totally commercial here! While I'm gone I'll try to noodle up some more.


Elysbeth said...

Travel safely to Stitches! Wish I was there. Let's see...that many miles, divided by number of hours...Nope, not this time.

Laura said...

I like those blue ice packs you get in the camping section. Either freeze or fridge them and they work wonderfully on a migraine. To save the sanity, sometimes I'll play Spider Solitaire on the computer. Something that stretches my brain but not too much.