Thursday, November 08, 2007

Homestead Heirlooms Gets Kudos from Clara - and ME!!

Just a quick note, and then I must scoot off to work at the sales factory. But remember when I made my Harriett Bag I bragged about this company:


for the wonderful handles I purchased from them at Stitches Midwest? I have a set of their handles on my favorite bag. They offer fantastic customer service, yada, yada, yada?

Well, guess what? My glowing opinion is shared by none other Clara of Knitter's Review fame. After discovering their booth at Rhinebeck, she too fell in love with their excellent well-made leather handles and is now hankering to make a felted bag. Like me, she wasn't happy with the stretch i-cord handles so many bags featured in the early felting years of knitted bags. She carries heavy stuff in her bags. So now that's she's found this wonderful source of leather handles, she wrote a review of the company which you can read here.

Clara confirms what I've been saying about this vendor all along - they deserve rave reviews. Yes, buying a set of nice leather handles isn't cheap, I think my set cost around $40 - but it's well worth it. To me, it transforms what could be a "hand knit purse" into a "hand knit heirloom." Their company name says it all. I don't own stock in their company etc. - this is a totally unsolicited endorsement for a vendor who deserves kudos. Also, if you shop at Lori and Karen's website, as Clara points out, this small company is run by two women. You have to email them your order. I imagine right about now, they will probably be inundated with order from Knitter's Review fans, but be patient - their handles are well worth the wait.


Jen said...

Happy Birthday - Hope you have a great day - special lunch - whatever your heart desires.

velmalikevelvet said...

that is SOME bag you've got there! i love it! i think i am going to have to steal it and make it mine. ;)

really, love it. looks like you could travel for a weekend out of it. i loves me some big ol' satchels. and the vintage pin just makes it.

cheers, velma

Laura said...

They should give you a free set of handles. One, because of the wonderful ad you did; two, because it's your birthday and you deserve it! :)

ChelleC said...

Thanks, guys! It was a wonderful birthday.

Had a great day and evening. Now I'm off to work on some knitting so I can feel that the day was perfect.

Catherine said...

I saw that review and immediately bookmarked the page. I have wanted to make a bag with leather handles for the longest time. But first I have to finish a few other things, so that'll give them a chance to catch their breath, because I'm sure Clara's review has inundated them with new customers. I know I will be one of them! Oh, and happy birthday!

Elysbeth said...

Happy Birthday. That bag looks better everytime I see it.

pam said...

I love this bag and am knitting it at this time. I want to make it larger as well, how many more stitches did you add? Do you remember? I love the handles and that vendor.

pam said...

I love this bag and am knitting it. How much more did you add to the bag to make it bigger? do you remember? I checked out the handles at that vendor and do love them! Thanks for your help.

ChelleC said...

I see a note that for the base of the bag, I cast on 75 stitches, and I know that I the bag itself was around huge - I think there weere 180 stitches on all 4 sides, that's what my sketchy scribbled notes say, but honestly, I just kept knitting until it was HUGE and then felted it twice.