Monday, November 05, 2007

St. Louis in Autumn

Not only did we take off Friday, but we drove to St. Louis for a weekend getaway. It was extremely nice to just GO. We need to make a point of getting away more often, though once winter comes, we seem to stay home a lot more.

While riding in the car, it gave me a chance to work on some projects. I made good progress on the Ruffled Roses Scarf. I am now almost finished with it. I really like the way it's working up so far. There was a momentary panic that I might run out of the Mission Falls Wool in "natural" color, but I had enough to scrape by and later found an extra skein.

We visited my favorite St. Louis knit shop, called Knitorious. That shop thrills me every time. Here I am, in their store, having a great time selecting yarns. But don't worry, I didn't go crazy, only came away with three skeins I couldn't resist for the freeforming.

I also worked a bit on my Freeform Yoke Einstein Coat. I found 4 more yarns to add to the log cabin panels for the front of it. I'll be starting on those panels very soon now.

We visited the Delmar Loop area. That area has really grown and changed these past few years. Many fun shops have sprung up there, including a brand new knitting shop called Knitty Couture. Ran into an old acquaintance there named Sam, a young man who used to work in a local knitting shop here in town. He is working there at Knitty Couture and he's an EXCELLENT hand at color work, including some elaborate Fair Isle pieces on display at the shop.

While at Knitty Couture, I just HAD to support their new shop Grand Opening by buying lovely skeins of Manos - again for the Freeform.

All in all, it was a FUN weekend. We relaxed, ate a lot, drove around and around the city reminising about my husband's childhood and revering in his old stomping ground. We read, relaxed, slept late, took in a movie, ate Italian on the Hill, shopped in the Delmar Loop, walked a ton, talked even more, saw a lot of lovely autumn trees and had a totally pleasurable 3 days off. It doesn't get much better than that. Not in this life, anyway.


Elysbeth said...

Your hair is so long! Wow! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Very renewing.

Laura said...

Elysbeth is right! Your hair is long from all that healthy living, right? You look great! I love the yarns you've chosen, too. You have such a great eye for colors you wear the very best. :) I'm glad you had so much fun, you deserve it.

Carol said...

This is amazing. We had similar weekends. I too was in St Louis, in the Loop area, went to Knit Curious grand opening and finished at Knitorious. It is a wonder our paths didn't cross.

ChelleC said...

Regarding my hair - yeah, it seems to grow pretty fast, but I think in this particular photo, it just looks a bit longer because I put it back in a barrett. It's still about shouldler length and I'm thinking of getting it cut again if I had a good stylist and knew of what to do with it. I'm in a "hold" pattern for now.

I loved the weekend in St. Louis. CArol, I was at Knitty Couture on Saturday afternoon at about 4:00 and then at Knitorious on Sunday about noon.

JessaLu said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me!

Shelly in Omaha said...

Good for you. A weekend away with your loved one can be the best when it comes to renewing your soul and your frame of mind.

Lisa said...

I love St. Louis! I'm jealous that you were there. We used to go often when my In-Laws still lived there, but they've moved closer to us, so we only get out there once in a while. Last summer was our most recent visit, and it was during the power outages during all the hot weather. I found Knitorious, but they were closed! Many places in the Hill area were, actually. Maybe next time. I'll add it to the list of things we MUST do, like visit the arch, eat at Tucker's, etc.