Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Contemplating Future Projects

Even while I work on this Wrap Me Up project, which seems to be taking forever (I'm currently on Block 12 of 21 blocks), other future projects are dancing in my head. This Wrap is growing big - more like an afghan than a wrap really. I can't imagine wearing it around without looking like Linus dragging a brightly colored blanket. Hmmm. It might be a good lap ghan. Oh well, it's fun, but I'm eager to finish it already and move onto other things.

In short, as bitter cold temperatures surround me and I can't get warm for the life of me, I am contemplating many Springy projects and my queue of future projects grows as the free time I have to work on them shortens. I could blame my flighty attention span, but instead, I think I'll blame Ravelry for trying to entice me to new things. Why blame myself when I can blame Ravelry?

The cupcake fingerless mitts I started (one mitt complete) need to be ripped out and started over. It came out too far out on my fingers. They are designed to go more than halfway down the finger area, and I discovered I don't like that. All my other fingerless gloves I've made and worn end just at the base of the fingers, so they don't get in your way. These really obstruct my fingers and drive me crazy, plus they are too wide for my hand, so I need to make them narrower. They will definitely be a "redo" becaue I love how the gloves look. Can't wait to do the embroidery embellishments. That will be really fun.

I want to use this lovely haindpainted (Crafty In a Good Way) handpainted silk to make a rectangular shawl. I have two different patterns in mind, but am worried that with both of them, the 1050 yards in this particular skein may not be quite enough. They both require about 1200 yards. Do I dare risk running out? Hmmmm. Not sure. It's kind of risky. And with a rectangular shawl, you can't just do fewer repeats I don't think. I've never made a rectangular shawl before.

I also really REALLY like Jane Thornley's Feather and Fan Organic Wrap. This is something I think would go pretty fast and I've been longing to do for a while with the yarns pictured here from my stash. It would be a good stashbuster wrap. But do I really need another wrap? Well, I do seem to use them.

Decisions, decisions.


Laura said...

The nice thing about Wrap Me Up is the color changes enough to keep you interested. By you, I mean me. :D I do know what you mean by the eager to finish, though. I've got two of those, barely started and I want them done.

I love driving because I can crank the heat in the pickup. I finally thaw out then. :D

Totally blame Ravelry. You were project happy before, now you're project esctatic. (sp?)

The cupcake is cute! You've inspired my friend Susan into cupcaking, herself. The handpaint is GORGEOUS. I think you could skip a repeat with no problem, or, you could do without the border. Bring in or let me know which pattern it is. There's no sense in letting a perfect pattern get away because of an eensy yarn shortage. :)

PlazaJen said...

Can you just make Wrap Me Up smaller? Amend it somehow? It's gorgeous (but then, I love pink & green & brights!!!) Then you're done sooner & on to the next project!