Friday, February 08, 2008

Returning To "Wrap Me Up"

Remember this project? Wrap Me Up? I started it in August during my road trip to Stitches Midwest but I set it aside during the hot August heat and have had it sitting around for 6 months now. Time to pull it back out!

I've been working on it again. I added a lime green beaded section that was lots of fun. You can see it in the photo posted.

There are so many projects I want to do right now, but very few hours in the day to do all I want. Isn't that the usual story?

I've been really exhausted. It's been my first week out on the floor at work (just fresh out of a month of training). I now have different work hours than before and am working into the early evening. The hours sort of cut a swath out of the middle of my day/night, so it feels like I don't get as much done. Going in a bit later has been helpful in terms of getting to work in the bad weather we've been having, but it plays hell on my body rhythm and time with my family. The job itself seems really good - I'm catching on faster than I thought and I enjoy the work itself. Every new thing takes adjustments - and I'm in a transition phase.

Here are a couple pictures of my daughter and her boyfriend. Her social life is busier than ever these days.


Susan said...

Oh wow! I love this too! I'll have to go back to August and read more about it. Thanks for stopping by my place. I didn't have your email addy so here's my response to your comment..Hey Chelle, thanks for finding me! I guess we could have a contest to see who is the slowest but I'd be sure to win and then you'd be sad. :-( I've decided though that being slow is makes the yarn last longer so your budget is much happier. LOL it was either this way or send it to Laura to pass on!

Elysbeth said...

Take your B vitamins (small amounts throughout the day) to help adjust.

The wrap is just bursting with colour, perfect for this time of year.