Friday, April 18, 2008

Gotta Gush About Her

Okay, guys, I "met" this online friend of mine about gosh, I think it was back in 1996 on an old online forum called "RomEx" a forum for romance writers. At the time, I was really struggling to be a published romance writer and so was she. We quickly bonded over email and forum exchanges. We've been fast friends ever since, and this is one of those friendships that is WEIRD because we've only met in person twice. Yes, twice, but she's one of my best, most treasured friends. I seriously think we've lived many past lives together.

I eventually decided to ditch writing for knitting and reading, but she went on to actually get published. I got pubished in magazines writing articles about parenting and such, but she actually has a novel published called, "A Moment on the Lips." That book is still available on Amazon, by the way, and features a main character who not only knits, and owns a yarn shop, but stores yarn in her kitchen cabinents!!! You gotta love a character like that.

In a few months, she has a new novella coming out. Her upcoming release, “By New Year’s Day” a short story featured in the Dorchester Publishing’s October 2008 Christmas anthology, The Holiday Inn, Phyllis writes about a couple whose thirty-year marriage is crumbling under the endless demands of their adult children. I will remind you guys in the fall, when this is available.

Sorry to gush, and she'll probably KILL me for this, but she is one of the most hilarious, beautiful (outwardly and inwardly) woman I know. She just launched a new blog called, "Forty is the New 20." I am linking to it today so you can share in Phyllis' beauty tips and products she's discussing over there. If you're trying to look your middle-aged BEST, then you'll appreciate the beauty products she reviews. And she'll keep you smiling too - with whiter teeth.

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Chelle!!!! You are so sweet. You're gonna make me start bawling.