Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clean Up Time

In anticipation of Aunt Eve coming to visit last weekend, I was motivated to clean out my knitting room which also doubles as the guest room.

It is really gratifying to go through my yarn and projects and find that most of the yarn in my current inventory is really good stuff that I love. Having done a culling of what I don't need these past few months, I've gotten a grasp of what's important and I've kept those yarn treasures.

Now that there is talk of economic crisis in the whole country, it makes me feel strangely secure (emotionally) to know that even if I couldn't afford to buy any more yarn for 2 years, I probably have enough yarn and projects to keep me busy that long.

So while I continue to sort and assess, I'm also feeling satisfied with what I have in terms of fiber.

I have enough, quite enough, to do what I want and need to knit, plus there's a bit of free space now in my knitting life for discovering new yarns, new projects, and adding a bit of newness without feeling bloated and overwhelmed. That's a nice feeling.

What do you most treasure right now?

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