Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Old Favorite Soon to be Revisited

Late last year, I knit this shawl, the Rose Heart Shawl, for my grandmother's Christmas gift. My mother bought her a gorgeous shawl pin to go with it. She absolutely LOVED both the shawl and the pin.

Unfortunately, my Grandmother has been moved to a Care Center this month. During the move from her apartment to the Care Center, the shawl was lost. I don't think it's going to be found.

Therefore, I promised to make her another to replace it. She wants the exact same pattern. Exact same yarn (Malabrigo). Exact same color.

What can I say? Yes! I will do it. I hope she likes the second attempt as much as the first. It may take me several weeks to get this done, but I'll do my very best. I've already ordered the yarn.

I usually don't like to ever knit the same project twice, and certainly not in the same identical yarn. But knowing how very much she adores this shawl, I realized that it will be a pleasure revisiting this shawl because when has anyone ever treasured my knitting so much as Grammy? That kind of total appreciation is rare and she means more to me than all the yarn in the world.

Love you Grammy. Now get to feeling better so you can get back to your computer, you hear?


shannonb said...

I'm glad she liked the shawl so much, and has a grandaughter who can re-knit it for her!

but, what's the deal with all of the Teddy Ruxpin dolls? :)

Kwana said...

You do amazing work. I just found your blog though 40 is the new 20 and love it. We got the same award! We have so much in common. Your grandmother is blessed to have you.

ChelleC said...

Thanks ladies! PBW is a wonderful friend of mine. I love her, her writing, and she makes has always made me laugh. Glad you found me through her.

Also, Grandma loves Teddy Ruxpins, and that's why she has several on her sofa.

Elysbeth said...

Those fiends! I'm sorry your beautiful - I mean Her beautiful shawl vamoosed. Your next one will be just as beautiful.

Shelly in Omaha said...

So sorry about the loss of the shawl. I'm sure this one will be even better than the last one. It is so wonderful to have someone appreciate what you have made. I knit slippers for my grandmother (who has since passed away at age 103) and she did not care for them at all. I gave them to the lady who was in the room next to her, I must say they were pretty good for a novice too. Shelly

ChelleC said...

The original shawl resurfaced. Ah, she loves it beter than any other I could make (or recreate) so I'm VERY glad it found her again.