Friday, September 05, 2008

Rest of Year For Finishing Up?

I got to thinking the other day that because I HAVE been in a production knitting and stash-busting mindset, it would only make sense to spend the final third of the year on FINISHING things.

First up, I have the Shetland Triangle Shawl for Margo - that's my current project, and I am on the 8th repeat. Not sure how many repeats I'll do on this, maybe twelve or thirteen? It's a fun shawl and I really need to finish it. She could use it, especially now that the cool fall approaches and she rides on her boat to relax.

Also, I want to finish two pairs of socks that were started earlier in the year and have been languishing.

And then there is the Wrap Me Up, which has been sitting around for a year and deserves to be finished.

And there is an Einstein coat that I need to totally frog and restart adding a carry-along yarn to make it thicker, warmer and more unique.

So that's a full plate for 2008.

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