Saturday, June 16, 2007

English Channel

I haven't blogged since the girl left. Last weekend, we had the chance to see her and her group of traveling students/musicians perform at a send-off concert in Wichita. I was so proud of her I cried. They sang beautifully and made me so proud. The kids selected for this trip were selected not only for their musical ability, but more importantly, their character, so it meant a lot to me and was very emotional.

We had quite the drama getting her out and to the airport on her trip Tuesday. I went to work that day . . . and Bob was seeing her off that day. Well, on the way the airport, he and the daughter stopped for a "quick lunch" that turned into a nail-biting adventure. They were both so stressed out that they locked the keys in the car. They had to call a locksmith . . . get into the car . . . and drive like speed demons to the airport to catch up with the traveling party. I was sick to my stomach the whole day, worried that she might miss her flight and then all would be for naught. I kept getting frantic nervous phone calls, but they made it . . . ah!!

We haven't heard much from the girl, because they have such a frantic schedule. But we know she arrived and is safe. We had one hurried, breathless phone call verifying that much, along with the giggles of other kids in her party. She's fine. She is I'm sure having a BLAST! But I miss her.

We have a copy of her travelogue, so we know for instance that yesterday she crossed the English Channel. Today she is in France. It's strangely quiet around here. I miss her.

My girl has been gone for 5 days - five long days. I miss her something fierce!

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Elysbeth said...

Hugs. Make a cuppa and catch your breath. Aren't you supposed to be making a list for Stitches? Distraction, distraction is the key.